10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 37-33 Victory in Bedlam

I can always recognize bad calls. I just dnt blame games on them. They screw up evenly just try not to be the last team to get the bad/no call.
Like the famous talking the ball out of brooks hand by Williams in the ku game. That was a no call. The whistle should have been blown.
It’s fun instant replay is suppose to help.
The ref should be able to call a friend too.

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Well, go watch it. It was a good call. I just showed you the picture

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I agree on the calls tend to even out. OU did not lose/OSU did not win due to any call from last night.

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OU got 9 “bonus” pts. OSU got 14. Those two teams were pretty evenly matched teams last night. OSU’s defense in the 2nd half was the difference

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Me too. They’re schedule isn’t that great and they don’t have a top 10 win at all. I can already hear the argument “We feel that ND is just a more complete team and Ok St didn’t play a real complete game against Oklahoma.” Even though ND has proven they can barely get past the likes of Toledo and other teams.

Wow u guys have got it going on.
I will say riley didn’t lie. He didn’t go to lsu.
The administration should have asked riley about the move to the sec. He obviously doesn’t want anything to do with sec.

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“…the adjustments Knowles was able to make were a different kind of impressive.” SO TRUE!! That 2nd half adjustment on Williams was spectacular. At first, I was all, “Why can’t we get to him?! Why are we just rushing 3-4 guys?!” Then…it hit me like M-Rod on the blindside! Well done!

Here’s what gets me about all this. OSU played one of their worst 3rd quarters, and quite frankly worst games in conference play. OU scored 23 points on OSU turnovers and miscues. Most of those turnovers and miscues OU barely even had to go down the field to score.

This game never should’ve been this close. Had it not been for OSU shooting themselves in the foot for the 2nd and 3rd quarter of the game this is more than likely a 14-20 point win for OSU. I see so many OU fans trying to pin this loss on 2-3 no calls. So what in the hell were the OU players and coaches doing the rest of the time to win the game?

I can agree that those probably should’ve been called, but at the same time if you’re a realistic OU fan and objective in any way shape of form OSU was clearly the better team and kept letting Sooner Magic linger around in the 2nd and 3rd quarter. OU was only in this because OSU allowed them to be.

Should’ve been “running into the kicker” instead of “roughing the kicker”.


If OSU doesn’t try to hand OU the ball game they win by double digits easily.

I don’t think that’s it. If you think Riley wasn’t consulted on the SEC move, then you don’t know how Joe C works. I think it’s more about Riley not getting some stuff he wanted program wise. And like I told you……USC is a bigtime job. He’ll win right away out there. Massive get for them.

No, it wasn’t. If you take out the plant leg it’s automatic roughing.

Yeah how did OSU try to hand the game to OU?

  • JP Richardson gave OU 7 points on the roughing the kicker penalty

  • Spencer Sanders gave OU 7 points when his interception was returned to the 14 yard line

  • Dominic Richardson gave OU 2 points when he fumbled the ball and OU got the safety

  • Brennan Presley gave OU 7 points when he muffed the punt and OU ran it in for a touchdown

OSU on the other hand only got 7 points off 2 OU turnovers and even missed a field goal themselves. Like I said……tried everything they could to give OU the game.

I will disagree about the usc job. It’s a dumpster fire.
Joey believes if gundy played nobody he would still lose. When I mean nobody I mean actually nobody.
Joey thinks gundy calls these bad plays. Not the other team doing something good.

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I didn’t think the play calling was bad at all yesterday. Most of the time it seems pretty weak though. Gundy and Dunn actually made an offensive plan I believed they needed to do to win. Riley was totally expecting them to try and pound the rock. They actually did the opposite and used Sanders feet more as well.

Hang on……a kickoff return for a TD?

Okay. So 14 points off OU miscues and 23 points off OSU miscues. You are still spotted 9 points and still lost by 4. That’s still double digits.

OU fumbled and gave OSU the ball at the OU 39.

OU fumbled a punt at its 5.

OSU returned a kickoff for a TD.

For you to watch that game and think that OSU could’ve/should’ve won by 20…….you’re nuts.

Wasn’t that the possession we missed the FG?