10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 37-33 Victory in Bedlam

OSU could’ve won that game by 20 points. As far as I’m concerned if you are bad enough to almost lose to Kansas you could be bad enough to lose to OSU by 14-20 points.

I think so

  • JP Richardson gave OU 7 points on the roughing the kicker penalty OU GOT THE BALL AT MIDFIELD AFTER THE PENALTY.

  • Spencer Sanders gave OU 7 points when his interception was returned to the 14 yard line OU FUMBLED AND GAVE OSU THE BALL AT THE 39.

  • Dominic Richardson gave OU 2 points when he fumbled the ball and OU got the safety

  • Brennan Presley gave OU 7 points when he muffed the punt and OU ran it in for a touchdown OU GAVE OSU 7 WHEN THEY FUMBLED AT THE 5


@robert28 is right. You are a fool


That’s not what that game showed last night. OU was a dropped pick 6 away from being up 16 in the 3rd. You do realize that OU was very, very close to winning last night?

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You’re trying to prove a point when the reality is no matter how much you try to counter it the fact still remains OSU gave you guys 23 points and you gave us 14. You guys made less mistakes and still lost. That’s the entire point.

“Less mistakes” no. Fewer turnovers? Yes. OU had 12 penalties. Those were huge. That’s not blaming the officials because most were warranted.

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I mean…I get what you’re saying, but the point still remains you guys had practically 9 points spotted and still lost by 4.

You had how many spotted too? See Chief, those breaks go both ways. OSU is a better football team. That’s what I’ll admit

Which is why they still won by 4 despite OU being gifted an extra 9 points by OSU.

U dnt understand Joey. He doesn’t want u to say ou is better. His mind knows ou and riley are better. He just can’t believe ou could let gundy win. When gundy coaches to lose.

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This could be the first time in my PistolsFiring life …….BUT I AGREE WITH YOU. That dude is just a fool who wants to argue.


What are you so upset about? I’ve told you from the get go I’m not an OU fan and never will be. All I’ve ever done is be a good OSU fan from the get go. I even gave Gundy credit for the offensive game plan which I thought was pretty decent.

There is no arguing to facts.

Joey a good fan doesn’t constantly berate a coach and his team. Criticism here and there , fine but you have cried from the beginning of the season. Just stop !!! It doesn’t do anyone any good and certainly isn’t gonna get Gundy fired.
Bad refs usually it even’s itself out in the end. I don’t know how many offsides I aw from the OU Dline, if it wasn’t they are quicker than Usain Bolt :flushed:


I don’t know what you’re talking about. I only berate Gundy when the offensive game plan looks like total chit and we don’t run anything innovative to make a defense second guess itself. That’s in part that he’s spent many years as an OC (he even admitted after the game) and he tends to think about what he would run.

That got better through the last four games of the season or so. Other than that the first 7 games of the season this offense looked underwhelming. I think it’s fair to say since 2017 we’ve looked very inconsistent offensively and not really executed anything special.

He did exactly what I wanted him to do to OU last night and that was attack the middle of the field. He finally figured out that being predictable against OU can spell disaster. The end around with Martin and option keeper with Sanders were both good calls as well.

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U can get Joey to understand. He picks 2 plays out of 60. Doesn’t take in account the injuries we had at the start. He is a result guy. Just as long as u get their irs good. That’s why he is a riley and briles fan.
He doesn’t understand that Knowles having good players already here and the bonus of super seniors had alot easier time then dunn having injuries, lots of freshman and other transfers.


OSU was missing the starting center and one running back. You can stop making excuses now. I know you like to do that, but that’s just a fact. I’ve never seen a person complain so much about another after our first bedlam win in 7 years. You should be happy. It’s almost like your disappointed we didn’t go 6-6.

It’s a young offensive line , Sills is the only upper class man Warren wasn’t full speed. Our WR I like a bunch, Martin saved our a&& being the only senior but all the freshman look great to me. Just no experience, I really like Richardson Gundy belt this team together until the offense started clicking. Knowles defense saved us but having all the super seniors was a big plus. We lose them all.
Sanders played as good a game as possible. OU still is top level players. I’m glad we won ,

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I actually think we might be okay on defense next season if Knowles sticks around. Lacey and Taylor or both juniors. Oliver will be a sophomore. You get Clay and Ford back from injury.

Do I think they will be top 10? Probably not, but I still think given the depth on defense we can still be okay on the defensive side of the ball.

We will be fine at safety. Great at d line. Maybe at cb with no proven back ups. Line backers is the question a big question

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