10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 41-13 Bedlam Loss

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Bedlam didn’t live up to its billing.

This season is an abject failure. Given the hype and expectations, I don’t care if they go 8-2 or what bowl game they plan in. the goal was Arlington or bust…so - bust.

  1. Do we really need to talk about a path to the Big 12 title still? I can tell you right now OU isn’t going to lose another game. OSU doesn’t have an offense or a head coach, and we’ve totally went away from the offense identity that made us what we used to be offensively anyway.

  2. Speaking of coaching. Does this look like a Big 12 championship caliber coaching staff to anyone? While the OSU has defense that has been solid against subpar offenses they still can’t stop the OU offense. Lincoln Riley played Jim Knowles like a fiddle from the start of the game and it didn’t slow down until the end of the first quarter, but that’s all it took. Did Knowles not watch any film on the OU offense at all? Did the entire defensive unit not think Riley was going to use misdirection plays?

  3. I understand the OL injuries, but I highly doubt that would’ve made much of a difference considering we don’t have any kind of offensive rhythm or identity. Gundy wishes he could be just half the offensive mind that Riley is. There is a reason OU promoted Riley as the HC while we OSU fans continue to pay a coach good money for 3rd place or lower.

Are any of you ready for a change?

Are any of you ready for the next step as a football program?

Are you guys okay with the same story but just a different year?

Are you still content with Mike Gundy football strategies?

Nothing is going to change until you as the fans start pushing for it. Until then expect the annual crushing every year by our in-state rival and 3rd place or lower. Gundy can’t even win with senior laden teams. What makes you think that’s going to change in the future?


We hear it year after year after year with the OSU hype machine, " This was supposed to be the year of the Cowboys!" But year after year after year we are brought back to the reality that it’s not happening and not going to happen. With the “stars” we have this year who have under performed again it’s frightening to think of next year with nothing in the locker room to make any Cowboy fan smile.

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PREACH!!! A select few of us in the comment section/Chamber forum have been wanting change for quite a while. And we keep being told to shut up and that we are ou trolls. And that we don’t realize how good Gundy is. Or how bad it used to be. We keep being told replacing Gundy isn’t possible because of his buyout. And that 8-9 wins plus a bowl is good enough.

Folks, Gundy is now 2-14 in this so-called rivalry. And this game, like so many other Bedlam’s, leaves Gundy looking like an embarrassment. CAN YOU PEOPLE HEAR ME NOW!!! We need change!!! 21-0 lead for the Goons 9 minutes into the game. Speaks volumes. The team with that lead came into this game physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to battle and play a great game. And they did. OU absolutely OWNS Gundy. Gundy failed miserably to prepare this squad. He mismanaged the QB situation terribly!!! If I have to hear the o-line injuries excuse, I’m going to be sick. Recruit, recruit, and recruit!!! Then depth isn’t an issue. This is why you get 85 guys ready to play this game. Not just a select few. That’s on Gundy. He went through how many o-line coaches in between Wickline and Dickey?! Punting on 4th down in OU territory down big in 4th quarter tells you all you need to know. Gundy CANNOT and will NEVER…NEVER beat OU again. Or win a conference title again. At some point, the majority will be tired of last nights experience and do something about it. I for one am going to continue pushing for a new head football coach. I want Gundy gone. The quicker the better. Who’s with me?


One word: embarrassing.

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I’m with you!

Thank you, Sir. You, me, and a few others are the only ones who see the mediocrity and just can’t deal with it anymore. Burns Hargis is retiring, why can’t Holder and Gundy do the same?!


I’m one of Gundy’s defenders on here and I can grant that last night the coaching was awful. But the playcalling was typical for Gundy in Bedlam. If there’s nothing to lose, he lets things fly and the game is entertaining (2014 & 17 Bedlam). If everything is on the line, he’s super-conservative. So the punt on 4th down in OU territory, losing by 3 scores in the 4th quarter? Utterly predictable Gundy move. 2011 was the one outlier but the credit for that goes to Dana, Todd, Brandon and Justin. I think the comments on Gundy lacking passion and fire, especially in the last couple of years, absolutely fair.

The O-line issue all season was laid bare last night. Losing Galloway before the season started, then the injuries they’ve had and the ones last night, it was awful. OU, predictably, took advantage. You can’t be imaginative or pull mis-direction plays if the defense is through your line like it wasn’t there. Good offenses start with good offensive lines, period. If OSU wants to do better, they have to recruit and play better on the O-line.

You can rag on the referees for some of the calls, but they definitely caught the defensive pass interference from OU time and time again. Considering how poorly the offense played last night, I would bet they got more first downs from penalties than anything else.

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I wish Mike would take the next offer that comes his way, Tennessee, third time’s the charm! He just doesn’t get it. Ultra conservative on both ends. I saw far too many plays where Ford had a direct path to Copperhead and he’d just stop at the line of scrimmage. They should not have any reigns put on our best pass rusher.

Nothing out of the norm as far as the offense, nothing different to show the defense, who have been watching film of our scheme and playcalling. Nothing imaginative whatsoever. Does our playbook have more than 30 plays???

Yeah, more than ready for Mike to go away. He won’t ever get us there and I don’t think he can win another Big 12 title cause he gets outcoached at least 2, 3 times a season. I said earlier in here we will after that UT fiasco and that’s two because he got outcoached by K-State’s guy, look what it took to win that game and how Iowa State literally destroyed them!!!

The Board of Regents must meet today and Gundy must be fired by Monday.

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Jim Harbough is probably going to be looking for a job.

This mean you’re calling them and pledging to fill the budget hole?

Little brother

No parity in collage football. Same 6 or seven teams playing for the four spotsevery year. Same teams in every conference winning conference championships every year. Same teams winning national championships every year and the same coach in Stillwater with his same playbook and his below average recruiting every year.

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It’s time to move on, clearly based on the comment section, the Cowboy fan base is ready to move on from Gundy. I say we start pushing for it. Idk what that entails but let’s move on from this.

Oh we’ll have Ford and Lacy!!! We might not be able to score a touchdown next season, but by gosh we got two really good defensive players coming back and MIGHT make a bowl game!!!

I’m with you. How many times have I heard Gundy say when he has a team of seniors and veterans “We have a lot of depth this year. That will help us in the long run”.

Then when he plays an OU team, that for the most part, is young and inexperienced, he gets his teeth kicked in. So where is this “depth” he is speaking of at? Because I didn’t see any of it last night.

Really? Cause I watched Riley send receivers on cross routes and roll Rattler out for passes for huge gains when the OSU defense was shifted to one side. Besides a reverse pass. I barely seen the OSU offense be real imaginative last night.

So Lincoln Riley can be creative, but our coach gets excuses for his conservative nature? This is exactly why Gundy is still around. Because we have this thought process that he’s still a good coach even though he’s won two or three big games in the last 9 seasons.

No energy, poor preparation, gutless and unimaginative playcalling.

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