10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 41-13 Bedlam Loss

When this team is playing its seventh game of the season there should be no reason for them to have two penalties on the first two offensive snaps of the game. They were scared and quite frankly undisciplined. You learn that from coaches. That falls on the HC for not having them mentally prepared for this game.

Last I checked, OU’s line was healthy and didn’t have any pre-season retirements. If I’m wrong, then fine. I did say the coaching was poor, did I not? All this rage and angst, is it worth it?

And I said that. You need to take a deep breath, relax, let it out. Move on. This is not life and death. There was a time - back when I went to OSU in the mid-80s, that this mattered a little more to me, but I learned a long time ago to treasure the fact that OSU has a healthy lead in total national championships won. We’re third overall, OU isn’t even in the top 10. We’re always going to be better than OU at every other sport and only occasionally competitive in football. Get used to it, get over it, move the frak on.

How many more excuses does Gundy need for his annual head crushing by the Sooners on a yearly basis? I can’t wait for next season when he has O-lineman with all this experience and still can’t move the football. I’m sure it will be:

“When you lose players like Wallace and Hubbard, you may take a hit and not be as good next season”

When in reality it wouldn’t have mattered with his inept and scared coaching in bedlam like it is almost every single time. Keep making excuses for him though.

In the meantime the REAL fan base that wants his mediocrity philosophy out of Stillwater is going to start pushing for a coach that would be embarrassed that Iowa State is going to play in the CCG instead of OSU.

How many people watch wrestling, golf, and intramurals? You can enjoy that if you want. We need a football team that isn’t getting embarrassed on national television.

Just curious. Why do we “need” a “football team that isn’t getting embarrassed” on TV? What value is gained by it? How does it remotely make life better? By giving you bragging rights? Seriously?
I define needs as a home, food, clothing. There are a lot of people without those. Maybe you should worry about that more and football less? Just a suggestion. You seriously need to let go of this, it isn’t healthy. And it isn’t important. It just isn’t.

And as someone who played those “lesser” sports, and still does - shame on you. You’re an embarrassment to OSU fans. How many people watch or even if it is broadcast at all isn’t even remotely an issue. It’s honoring the commitment and the dedication of those athletes who represent a school you claim to care about. Which clearly you don’t. All you care about is football.

If you don’t think a successful football program doesn’t affect overall student population and more money for the university overall, then…I don’t know what to tell you. It matters. Is it a game for entertainment and competition purposes? Yes. Is it life and death, no. But it behooves Oklahoma State to compete for championships and have that mindset across ALL sports. Not just the ones you currently play, man. We NEED a football program that competes for and expects championships. It has an exponential amount of benefits. How much money is spent on hotels and restaurants during the season? Quite a bit. It benefits the city of Stillwater tremendously. When your squad is 10-2, it benefits the city a lot more than if your squad is 6-6. Mediocre seasons lead to a drop in ticket sales, thus a drop in profit. Great seasons lead to more money. Not just for the city itself, but for ALL other sports on campus. Having a strong football program is a good thing for everyone who has any connection whatsoever to things I mentioned.

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Never said the football team shouldn’t try to do well. And of course there are benefits financially to the overall athletics program and Stillwater. Football definitely brings in more money. Would never say that wasn’t true. Just saying some perspective is needed, losing to OU in football (again) is not and never has been the end of the world.

You’re right, it’s not the end of the world. But right now, we’re 24-48 hours removed from another Bedlam loss by a large margin. Emotions are raw right now, and quite honestly, justified. There is a section of the fan base, myself among them, who are getting pretty sick and tired of this being an annual event. Throw in the alleged behavior of some of OU’s fans and players towards OUR own beloved Cowboys, and we’re pretty livid!!!


So I’m wrong to care about the OSU football program, and hoping it gains better success in the future instead of regression? You are comparing life obstacles to a football program. I in no way shape or form said that OSU football was more important than food, homes, or clothes.

What exactly does that have to do with me and other level headed fans asking a change from Gundy to someone else? So I happen to like football, and I want a coaching change , because we have a coach that has been a lot less successful against OU than just about any coach out there. I apologize for wanting a coach that can beat OU more than just once every eight years.

How about we honor the commitment of our football players and give them a coach that treats Bedlam a little bit for differently than “just another game” and perhaps doesn’t lift the white flag in front of them with 12 minutes still left in the game being in enemy territory?

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NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER EVER APOLOGIZE for wanting to beat the Sooners more often!!! Thank you, @joe15 for demanding more from this head coach than he has delivered in terms of this series and in terms of championships.

I’m serious!!! I seen a coach that with 12 minutes left in the game practically surrender in front of his entire team. Someone please tell me who in the hell would want to play for a coach like that??? I wouldn’t do it!!! Then he and others wonder why they can’t get better players?

“ We wanted to play tonight like the hunter and not the hunted. That was kind of our mindset all week. The way we played, coached, the whole thing. You can’t come into big games like this against an opponent and play conservative. We really wanted to emphasize that with our players that we really wanted to play aggressive and go and take it if you’re going to beat a good team like this, and we certainly did that.”

Lincoln Riley November 21, 2020

I have to lead young soldiers and develop them. I’m responsible for boosting their morale even in not so good times, and give them some kind of hope and encouragement. What kind of message do I send if I basically say “Well you guys are on your own and I’m out. You can figure it out while and get back to me with the results”. Absolutely not!!! I’m expected to be their LEADER and lead from the front.

I seen absolutely no passion from Gundy whatsoever and if I’m an OSU football player I’m currently finding it difficult to not be pissed with his defeatism attitude.

What type of CNA/CMA would I be if in the darkest days of COVID running rampant through our building I suddenly choose to quit?! The folks I take care of desperately need us. Right now, going on 7-8 months of lockdown in our facility, we ARE their family. No matter how physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted we may be, we will never surrender to COVID. We take every precaution recommended plus a host of others that aren’t. My facility was the first in Stilly to be proactive in testing staff and residents and in fighting the virus. We need people to know that we want the best for their loved ones. In much the same manner, if a coach wants to WIN, he plans and prepares and isn’t terrified of his opponent, no matter the inherent disadvantages. Wish we had a football coach who fought the Sooners as hard as my staff and I work to protect our people.

Also, THANK YOU for your service!!!

I have to put it in perspective. I’m 54, soon to be 55. In my lifetime, OSU has beaten OU 9 times in football. Total, they’ve only won 18 times in 100+ years. You at some point have to accept this is the way it is. Doesn’t mean you have to like it. I’ve seen nail biters and blow outs. Bad coaching, small mistakes, bad calls by the referees. I’ve seen OSU field better teams than they have now and lose by bigger margins under coaches not named Gundy. Two coaches who went on to other schools and won national championships there struggled with beating OU here and had the same recruiting issues that Gundy & crew have now so I have a hard time blaming Gundy for everything. I still watch, I still cheer, and I’m pleasantly surprised and happy when they do occasionally win it.

In your lifetime OU has lost about 150 game. OSU and Texas are the only two teams that have played them every year. Do you think we won our share of those losses?
Since Gundy has been coach they have lost 44 games. In that time only Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor and OSU have played them every year. Have we won our share of those? (Remember the other 3 schools each have more wins against OU than Gundy).

Doug9, I hear and understand what you are saying here. Just like you I’ve been living the OSU football legacy for a long time, actually longer as I am 65. I believe that OSU football is at a watershed moment. A point in time where the school needs to, as the cliche goes, fish or cut bait. The time is past for year in and year out losing to OU, not making the big 12 playoff and still calling the season a success because of a winning record and a post season bowl appearance. This level of success is a poor return on the financial and emotional investment that has been plowed into the football program over the last decade. At this point the school needs to do one of two things, either decide that it’s not worth the resources to compete and direct those resources elsewhere to places where we can have a better chance of success or make some major changes to the football program in an effort to get to the next level. As they say go big or go home. And yes making major changes can result in even poorer results but I’m ok with that possibility. It beats doing nothing and the football program purgatory that we are currently living in.


14 straight bowl appearances is NOT purgatory (soon to be 15). Many if not most division 1/power-5 teams would be happy with that. In fact, OSU is currently 9th on the list of consecutive bowl appearances. We’ve been to more bowl games in the 21st century (17) than in the entire 20th century (13), and all but 3 of the those 17 were under Mike Gundy. http://mcubed.net/ncaaf/bowls/strkcapp.shtml
Again, should the team strive to win the Big 12 and beat OU every year? Of course. Did the coaches do a poor job against OU? Yes. Could recruiting be better? Possibly. But let’s not act like we’re Kansas.

And we won’t be Kansas with a new coach.

Sure about that? Kansas is 12 years removed from winning the Orange Bowl. Even the Mad Hatter can’t seem to turn them around. Travis Ford was supposed to turn things around after the end of the Sutton era in basketball, an era that saw OSU go to the Final Four twice, win Big 8/12 championships, and regularly go deep in the NCAA tourney. With the exception of the one decent year with Brad Underwood, mediocrity ever since. Maybe Boynton finally turns the corner this year, assuming they’re even allowed to play in the post-season.

Douf9 It’s purgatory because we aren’t getting to the things that actually matter. Beating OU more than twice in a decade, Big 12 championships, new years 6 bowl appearances, a spot in the national championship playoffs and finally a national championship.