10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 41-31 Victory against Texas Tech

Originally published at: 10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 41-31 Victory against Texas Tech | Pistols Firing

On winning ugly, Bryson Green and a lot of reviews.

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The constant reviews by the officials was annoying and seem to come after a big play by OSU, which kinda halted whatever momentum we were building up.


It totally ruins the game to me. Review after review. I hope we don’t have this crew again


Ten More Thoughts

  1. It wasn’t our best game, and we still won (and covered). Let’s enjoy it.
  2. Venables = Blake (12-22)
  3. Arizona State is such a terrible team? Ask Washington.
  4. I bet OU wished that had paid their Spencer enough to stick around.
  5. Despite our win, Tennessee will jump ahead of us in poll tomorrow.
  6. We may have the best punter and FG kicker combo in the nation.
  7. Our D-line needs to live up to their billing earlier in the game.
  8. Comments section is so much better since Joe lost the bet.
  9. Gundy vs analytics? I’ll take HC Gundy.
  10. Coach Mason: please, please figure out Duggan.

Those are 10 excellent points sir :cowboy_hat_face:

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I guess I’ll go ahead and give a 10 thoughts here:

  1. Our pass defense has to get better. It looked terrible in the first half, but seemed to be better in the second half.

  2. Our red zone offense really needs to improve. Tech came into the game ranked 105th in red zone defense. We had four opportunities in the red zone that came away with settling for a FG.

  3. The tackling needs to be better too. There were too many missed tackles in the open field which allowed Tech to either get additional yards or a first down.

  4. The run defense was better in the second half, but Tech was averaging 6 yards per carry in the first half and they’re one of the worst rushing teams in the country.

  5. We need to find a consistent way to run the football. Tech ran 104 plays on offense. That’s way too much and we need to realize we don’t have the 2021 defense on the field.

  6. Statistically speaking by all accounts we should’ve lost this game. Lucky for us we intercepted the ball in Tech territory which played a part in the W. We can’t give up over 500 yards in future games and expect to come out of it unscathed.

  7. We finally put the game away when we had to, but I also felt our lack of offensive prowess late in the game to put it away was mind boggling to say the least.

  8. We need to find a way to force more turnovers. That was one of the big differences in the Baylor game as well. Maybe we still win by 7 or so, but it was evident our defense was getting tired and we need to give our offense more chances to put the game out of reach.

  9. I said before this game started that Tech had a solid pass defense. It showed in this game. There were several occasions where Tech was able to force us to punt (5 times to be exact) because of an incomplete pass. It was one of the reasons I said we really needed to find a way to keep the ball on the ground and keep Tech’s offense off the field.

  10. Even though I’m not a real big fan of kicking field goals it proved to be a difference in this game. We got 12 points to Tech’s 3 points in the field goal battle. It’s good to have a reliable kicker. We didn’t give up any big plays on special teams either.

Maybe it sounds like most of my thoughts are negative, but I always think we can leave room open for improvement. If we want to win on the road we’re going to have to be better than we were today. Especially with road games in Fort Worth, Lawrence (feels weird to say that), and Manhattan. I feel less and less worried about Norman with the way those clowns are performing right now.


Not going to disagree totally on most of your points. Red zone has to improve, that will mostly fall on the OL to me. They have got better… Taco went full throttle for the win, they had nothing to lose. We probably played it a little safe. Gundy plays the percentages. Really I think the forth quarter on we out shaped them. We were gassed but not as much as them. Everyone will have a game or two like this during the year, maybe a little hangover from Baylor

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Ive always pushed the red zone. The bray pass just a lil long. But, im big on fg. You got to score. These coaches going on fourth down are really hurting themselves. This was a classic gundy win we out svored the other team. How, by scoring 8 times.

Tech came at us. It was a good win.

We need to heal and get ready for tcu go pokes


On the reviews, this is just a guess, but I think it’s likely based on the fact that OSU plays very fast. They look at each play and try to see if it needs to be reviewed in more depth before they next snap. With the pace that OSU goes at, it likely leads to them feeling rushed and need to go to official review faster than they would with other teams because they can’t look at it as well as they can with a slower paced team.

You say that we need to force more turnovers, however we did get one pick, but you are overlooking the defensive stops on 4th down. If coaches are going to use these analytics like that then technically speaking those stopped 4th downs are turnovers.
In that sense OSU forced 4 TOs and gave up none.


Like ive said would like a higher td red zone.
We do lead the league in red zone at 96% with are only 1 not score was the last possession of the cmu game we went to a victoty formation.
Were at 70% red zone td. I think we were only 50% in the tech game.
Sanders first two years were awful.

I’m not against kicking field goals. Just saying we need to be more consistent in scoring touchdowns rather than settling for the field goal. Tech was one of the worst red zone defenses in the country, and it seemed like we really struggled against them once we got inside the 20-25 yard lines. Then again it’s just one game so maybe we’ll get better at it.

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Then we have to look at where on the field those turnovers were forced and what we do with them afterwards as well. Tech started the game 4-4 against us on 4th down. You gotta be able to get yourself off the field.

It wasn’t until later we were able to force them to turn it over on downs. Also, I think there is a huge difference when you force a turnover and get the ball on the opponent’s 23 yard line compared to your own 40 yard line.

If I get it on the opponent’s 23 yard line and get 3 or 7 points out of it then it becomes more productive than punting the ball back to them after going three and out within one minute. Maybe I waste some time on the clock while I still have the lead, but it’s less productive than increasing my lead. I don’t necessarily disagree with you. I guess I just look at it from a different point of view. You’re technically correct though.

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Of course any turnover depends on where it is regarding field position. But also look at it this way. Those stopped 4th downs at our own 40 are much better then Tech pinning us deep inside our 10 with a pooch punt. Tech only score 7 points in the second half and part of that was stopping them in on 4th down. Technically a blocked kick, be it punt or FG is not listed as a turnover, but it’s a big swing either way.
Tech had 7 drives in the first have and scored on 4 of them. Tech also had 7 drives in the second half but only scored on 1 of them. After the second stop on 4th down, OSU drive 57 yards for the clinching TD.
I do agree with you that we need to force more turnovers.


That first 4th down they got stopped on could have been a game tieing fg. Those on the 40 something could have been deep punts. We have seen to coach do it in 2 weeks in a row. We have also seen what pinning the other team can do. Tech jad 2 possessions past their 25. We had all of ours past the 25.
This why i dnt look at the yardage to much. They just had farther to go.

On red zone we were at 80% for td now were at 70%. Because of 1 fg instead of td. Its the 8 scores in 14 tries, real 13 that last 1 was at half with no time deep.

Lot of ways to look at it. I see 5 wins lol go pokes


What bet did joe lose? How long is he off the message boards?

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Loser of the baylor game is off forever. Joe choose poorly, baylor

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That makes me think Tech doesn’t have much confidence in their kicker making anything past 45 yards. The first time we stopped them on a turnover on downs was on the 45 yard line. Had they attempted a FG from there it would’ve been a 62 yard attempt (which is incredibly long for any college kicker).

I think they probably should’ve just tried to pin us deep and see what happens. It wasn’t like Tech was playing terrible defense late in the game. Instead of doing that they went for it didn’t get it. Even though they forced us to punt later on we pinned them on their own 12. If they would’ve just pinned us deep and made a stop most likely they would’ve had a lot better field position on their next offensive drive and placed their kicker in a better position to tie the game. You never know what may have happened after though.


I’ve been looking for Ketchup around somewhere to tell us how well they are going to do in the sec, last I saw of him he was making light of a partial part of BPS not full yet … lol I’ve been to their site. They are in panic mode :crazy_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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Their kickers ok. I thought they were on the 30. The last one was 45 ?

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