10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 41-34 Overtime Loss to Texas

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What a wacky Saturday in BPS.

When other college coaches need to provide an example in the future to their players on how good teams lose games to bad teams they will.

  1. Point to Stillwater, OK on a map.

  2. Show film of the 2020 Texas vs OSU game to their players.

They will say “This is a prime time example of how you can do everything and anything possible to lose to a bad team.”

  1. Spencer Sanders is more of an offensive liability than an asset. He needs to enter the transfer portal.

  2. Josh Sills isn’t going to make it to the NFL like Robert Allen said until he learns that being an ineligible receiver down field isn’t allowed (twice he’s done this the last two games)

  3. If you commit 4 turnovers and the other team commits 0 then you’re probably going to lose (unless it’s playing Kansas)

  4. If you give up a 100 yard kick return for a touchdown and make dumb mistakes ( Like roughing the punter on 4th down) then it might affect the outcome of the game.

  5. Besides Wallace and Wolf it looked like no other receivers were interested in catching a pass.

  6. The OL looks like it’s been the same since the Tulsa game. I don’t think that unit is getting any better until they get a couple of guys back.

  7. The defense was forced to defend 15 offensive drives and gave up 15 points total in regulation. The defense was literally the only bright spot.

  8. OSU had 530 total yards of offense and Texas had 287 total yards. OSU still found a way to lose.

  9. There were 4 times that OSU got into Texas territory and OSU punted twice and turned it over twice.

  10. Texas only averaged 3 yards per carry and 4.8 yards per pass. They were 2-15 on 3rd down and 2-2 on 4th down.

It’s really sad to think about how good we are. We lost the turnover battle 4-0, had multiple dumb mistakes, and a lot of calls go against us and only lost in OT to a team that has a lot of blue-chip talent.What a waste.

I’m still in shock that we lost the game. Except for those 4 TO’s, and ST miscues (which is a lot), we absolutely dominated them and it truly looked like they didn’t belong on the same field as us.

A positive is the defense is legit. So many outstanding open field tackles and you can blame ST for 7 pts and toss another 21 or so on the offense.

We need to regroup and right the ship next week. This team (or defense at least) is way too good to waste. CFP is gone but we still look like an absolute big 12 favorite if we can clean up all the mistakes.

My problem with Sanders is obviously the 3 turnovers but after 2-1/2 years in the program he hasn’t learned anything. There were multiple bad decisions made where he truthfully should’ve had another couple picks. Take the play before halftime, 3rd down scrambles left and throws into quadruple coverage and Texas drops the easy pick. That was a big 3 points we need going into half, you have to understand the situation and know that throwing a pass away isn’t a bad thing. Also his first interception is an out route where he’s late and behind, it was 2 drives later and he does the same think on the opposite side, late and behind but Texas just wasn’t good enough to pick it. In the second half especially but if you notice he doesn’t go through his progressions half the time, he gets fixed on his primary receiver and just stares him down which leads to him throwing it into guys who are never open or he holds it waiting for him to get open and then gets sacked because he held the ball to long. This is a very good team, there has to be someone on the team who can distribute the ball without turning it over.


It is very simple…Sanders will cost us at least one more and maybe two more losses. TY14 explained it very well I think. He has a lot of upside but it is the same upside that he had all of last season and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. He is all upside. Any good he accomplishes is overshadowed by the poor coverage reads, poor eye control where he should look off the defense (but never does) and his inability to throw the deep ball. The only thing that saved him today (from having a much worse result) was #2’s ability to go after poor throws and TX inability to catch throws right to them. The result could have been much worse than it was. And, maybe Chuba AND Sanders need to be sleeping with the ball until they learn how to hold on to it.

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This team isn’t beating OU. OU looks like they are starting to figure it out now. Mark my words and you heard it here first.

OU will be playing in Arlington against Texas or ISU for the conference title. This OSU team (besides the defense and some on the special teams) isn’t playing disciplined football good enough to move forward without losing another game or two.

When you gain 530 yard of offense compared to your opponent’s 287 you should be winning that game a minimal 34-17 and not losing in OT.

No team goes through a game with no miscues. Take out sanders there were 7 not a big problem. Only one that real is glaring is the offense line down field, because its happen twice and this time 2 of them did it.
Alot of u want to open the playbook up, they did. I just don’t think they have enough of a playbook to over come Sanders. Its simple sanders has 3 interceptions and 3 fumbles in 2games and 2 series.

You’re exactly right, they gave Sanders his chance let him play and he showed what he does when given many opportunities. Any team is going to have miscues you never play a perfect game but without the turnovers, heck even just without the Sanders turnovers even if LD fumbles but Sanders cleans it up we beat them by 20.

  1. Out coached yet again. But let’s not talk about that. The offensive play calling continues to be too vanilla.
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Yeah, I don’t think that’s a huge revelation, going out on a limb type prophecy. Gundy will get out coached yet again by zerOU’s staff cause that’s who he is. Someone who will make a team decent but can’t get over the hump w/ clearly the best team in the conference.

RE #1: I hope you’re put into the transfer portal instead.

People keep mentioning how Sanders hasn’t improved, where is Gundy’s improvement? Recruiting? In game adjustments?


Gundy needs to take a page from his own history. In 1986, as a true freshman, he replaced Ronnie Williams, a quarterback who was technically better than him. Or in 2007, when Zac Robinson replaced Bobbie Reid (who can forget that one?).
No denying Spencer’s talent, but his tendency to cough up the football is not good. Last year he had 11 INTs to 16 TDs. He’s got 5 TD, 3 INT, 4 fumbles on the season in 2.25 games. Illingworth has 1 INT in 2.25 games.
Illingworth should be under center and use a Sanders/Hubbard tandem as RBs.

Sanders is avg. at this point, maybe below average when you factor in his turnovers. He holds the ball too long, is not a deep ball threat, and has questionable decision making. I think the Texas coaches new OSU was the better team coming in. They hedged on pressuring Sanders and him not beating them with his arm. They focused on stopping Chuba believing between Sanders and Chuba a turnover or two would happen and give them a chance to steal a victory. Little did they know how many turnovers would flow their way. The block punt call was awful. OSU had the lead and did not need a block. OSU just needed the ball and an opportunity to go score and run the clock. It was an unbelievably bad coaching decision. If this team rights the ship and wins out, it should still have a shot at the CFP. But of course OSU is not a blue blood. A Big 12 Championship would be great but with Sanders at the helm it is very unlikely. Its too bad he has had the injuries that have hampered his development. This was the season. Soon it will be just another season.

Great job Defense.

Go Pokes.

Even with the vanilla play calling it’s OSU’s 530 yards of offense against Texas 287 yards of offense. As much as I give Gundy crap this team wins anywhere from 14-24 points easily without the stupid turnovers.

Illingworth needs to be the starter again. I don’t like the fact that Illingworth is slow to get out of the pocket (especially with the current OL) but at least I know he won’t average three turnovers a game as a QB.

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One would think after your QB fumbled on your own 15 yard line with a Texas recovery And then throw an interception with Texas returning it to the 9 yard line you would pull the QB. Nick Saban would have done it. According to Robert28 though Gundy is the best coach in America though.

This team and coaching staff can’t right anything. Even if they miraculously go 10-1 (which they won’t and I’ll bet anyone $200 right now they won’t) they aren’t going to the CFP. If they were OU they would.

It’ll be two SEC teams, an ACC team, and a Big Ten team. The Big 12 is done for and I don’t think anyone wants to watch this team get embarrassed even if they did make it to the CFP.

Recruit recruit that’s a 4 star that can’t even hand the ball off. I guarantee Gundy didnt draw up those 6 plays. Just like riley didnt in the ksu lose.

When an offensive line gets a down field penalties u think it’s a one off. When it happens again, but with 2 seniors+, its timing. Sanders hold the ball to long. Accounts for some sacks too.
Weedon was a very slow giraffe ( I know before every tells me great ol). But, what helped him the most was his quick release.
Mason got sack 35 a yr. Did fumble that much.
One way to tell a good coached team is lack of penalties.
I thought every would be happy be happy, the play book was wide open. I don’t know if shane is ready but Sanders has got play with inside himself. And maybe stay after class a practice hands off with Hubbard.