10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 50-44 Win over Texas Tech

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This game had everything.

They almost let a team that should’ve lost to Houston Baptist and got lucky against WV and Baylor come back from being down 19 in the 4th quarter to beat them.

Based on the turnovers and safety along with several other mishaps by Tech, this seems to be more of a story that Tech consistently did things to shoot themselves in the foot rather than Gundy actually coaching a good game, and the team taking care of the ball, playing decent defense, and being solid on special teams.

OSU can also make the B12 championship if they win out, Istate loses to W Virginia and K state win out. In that scenario OU would lose out which would be absolutely awesome.

It would be awesome but the likelihood that it happens is pretty much zero.

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It would be given not taken. Bust

Going to really miss Wallace. Arguably the best to catch passes here and no doubt pound for pound. Would have loved to see him run a slant one time to see what would happen.

This season:

Tulsa- Struggled with a 9 point win and were down at the end of the third quarter.

WV- Struggled but somehow won by 14

Kansas- Who struggles with Kansas?

Iowa State- Have to recover an onside to win by 3.

Texas- Lose in OT by 7 because we can’t take care of the football

K State- Have to recover an onside to win by 2.

OU- The white flag was raised and battle was over before it even started. Lost by 28.

Tech- Have to recover an onside to win by 6.

Does this look like championship caliber football to anyone? Does it look like championship caliber coaching? Is this what championship football teams do? Do they consistently play down to the level of their competition? Do they consistently coach their players to be a middling Power 5 conference team?

This is a team that could easily be 2-6 rather than 6-2. I still don’t understand what “Cowboy Culture” currently is because the HC can’t seem to articulate what exactly it is or what it should look like. I doubt recruits are going to buy in very much on Cowboy Culture if this season has shown what it’s supposed to look like.

When your having to recover an onside kick to avoid losing at home to a team that’s 3-6 then what does that tell you?

Good coaches make the system fit the players, but Gundy wants the players to fit the system.

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“The Sooners will be decent favorites in both games but I’ve seen too much weird in 2020 to tell you it’s not possible.“

I’ve seen enough differences between OU and OSU this season to tell you it is not only possible, but the more likely outcome by a wide margin.

OK joe15 you don’t think Grundy is a good coach but four posts in one story all saying the same thing is a bit overkill. We get it…

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With all of the injuries this team has and missing key players in each game because of those injuries, yet still having a winning record, who has the right to judge their performance just because they just squeaked by with victories? This is a decimated team yet they are 6-2 but some fans are still complaining. My only disappoint with the Tech game was that Dez didn’t go for his 4th TD. He deserved it. We won’t know how good he is until we see what he can do against good teams, which Tech is not. But today he was a super star.

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Even if this team had everyone healthy Gundy would’ve still found a way to not make the Big 12 title game. There is a reason he’s 1-3 as a favorite in Bedlam and can’t finish any higher than 3rd in the conference.

Having been the scout team QB at OSU in the early sixties, & coached 58 years of HS & College football, I have to respond. The problem started last summer when they lost some vetern O-lineman. Case in point, the guy who ganed 2,000 yds last year is stuck on 600. When you are down to your third string TB with a put together O-line, any win is a good one. To suggest that Mike Gundy is not a good coach when he is going to his16th straight bowl game (top 5 in the country) is silly. The problem with being a head coach is that everyone with a TV set knows more than you do. It’s all about $. If you want to help, send some.

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Is there better video than seeing Chris Carson truck someone?!?!

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That’s bs no coach outside hs changes. Down in central Oklahoma it may be hard to find every player to be a passing team or a running team. Of coach there are adjustments like u qb cant pass or ur all American can only get 600 yds in 7 games. Another non losing season go pokes. Did u see the giant we just picked up for line men. Next yr line will be better and I’m sure Sanders will be gone. Mite have gunner in there. R defense will look different next yr.

Yeah John,

I completely agree with you. Because football is played currently exactly the way it was in the 60’s and being on the opponent’s 39 yard line, punting to the other team, being down by 21, and with 12 minutes left in the game is what every good coach should do.

Nice of you to show up after Gundy nearly wasted a career day by our 3rd team running back. Where the heck were you at after Lincoln lit us up in Norman?! Haven’t heard a word out of you until now…

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I know what u ou fans where going to say. I didnt need to waste a week of my life. Have no plans to waste this one either.

Ou still has to go to Morgantown. Ou still has to play there games. They get virus again they will have less wins.

Nice to see you back Robert. Didn’t see you at all after the Bedlam loss until now. Do you only come in here after a win?

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