10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 63-7 Victory against Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Originally published at: 10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 63-7 Victory against Arkansas-Pine Bluff | Pistols Firing

On Spencer’s big quarter, Gunnar’s premiere and several freshman darlings.


It is nice to see all the kids


Bye week comes early. Next up Baylor. Beat them and Arlington takes a spike up. Lose to them and it is a big hill to climb to get back to Arlington.


I am so conflicted on Gunnar. On one hand, it seems like a coach playing his son (especially as the QB of a big time team) blows up in his face way more often than it works out. I cannot think it a similar situation that did work out, but I have not thought about it very hard. There is a reason most competent employers have nepotism policies.

On the other hand, I really like how Gunnar looks so far this year and in limited action last year. He moves well, plays with confidence, and throws a really pretty ball. The pessimistic OSU fan in me is screaming that there is no way this ends well, but the evidence I have seen so far does not support that. I guess we will find out.


Kansas 3-0 (Big 12)

Iowa State 3-0 (Big 12)

Vanderbilt 3-1 (SEC)

Arkansas 3-0 (SEC)

Duke 3-0 (ACC)

Oregon State 3-0 (PAC 12)

Washington State 3-0 (PAC 12)

Indiana 3-0 (Big 10)

Rutgers 3-0 (Big 10)

Illinois 2-1 (Big 10)

Now think about how bad these teams have been over the last 20 years or so. Sure there are some on here that have a few good seasons sprinkled in (Arkansas, Duke, Iowa State, Washington State). However, most of these teams have either been fighting to avoid last place in their conferences or ended up last.

I watched the Nebraska game yesterday. I think Nebraska has the worst run defense I’ve seen over the last twenty years of any P5 school. They looked absolutely pathetic. They might just be in the running with Colorado for worst P5 team in the country this season.

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Nebraska plit was self induced. Firing a winning coach lead them here.

Not sure why you broke out all these loser. Its not a new age. Most are still bad teams. They’ve just played worse.

Last 20 years Arkansas has been a top 5 team. They own a natty. They have a name. By the way the handle that msu powerhouse well. Its funny msu has played uo and ark.in last 3 year but we the bad guys. Arkansas and Nebraska are similar rite coach they can own the west.

Indiana and Illinois still suck

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To me Gordon looks like the fastest guy out there, but they say Jaden Nixon is the fastest, I think it’d be a good race!

Gunnar played well, he’s definitely improved his speed.


One factor you worry about is it might scare prospects away cause coach’s son might lock up QB1 spot, once Sanders leaves, w/out the position truly being open in the spring and when real practices start up. Gage Gundy is bigger and has a better arm. And no one is recruiting him very heavily, but as good of a baseball player he is, who knows, might go early in next year’s draft.

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I guess you didn’t see Nebraska play Northwestern. I’ve been telling people, their defense is softer than a baby’s b-u-m, NU couldn’t stop anything in the middle against a below-average N/W team. They don’t seem to have much heart and pride, but I doubt they’re the worst P5 team, definitely in Top 10 though.

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They hired a coach that took a program from 0-12 to 13-0 at UCF in a matter of just two years. Is that not winning? They were looking to win more than just 8-9 games there Roberto. How were they supposed to know it wouldn’t work out?

Just pointing out they’re in a better position than Nebraska right now. It’s obvious you don’t know how to read, or understand the context of anything. So that’s why I’m here right now explaining it to you. You’re welcome.

None is in better situation then Nebraska. Except Arkansas if not for the league there in. Some of those will be g5 teams soon.

Nebraska got to where they were well be for frost. Big difference between coaching aac and big 10.

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They are right now. I’d rather be 3-0 than 1-3. Of course your concept of winning compared to mine is totally different as well.

No nebaska is crap this year. I was talk about getting a new coach and the future.
But your idea of win is a title. Nobe of them are winning a titke in theur conference

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That’s why you don’t fire a coach that just went
9-3 joy. Unrealistic expectations since they went to B10 and lost Texas recruiting

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And? Why wouldn’t I want us to win a title? That’s exactly what I mean. Your concept of winning sucks compared to mine.

They’ve been conference champions 46 times and have 5 national titles. They should expect high expectations. Who do you think they are? Mike Gundy?

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Since they fired frank they havent been champs.

Even if we had a coach thatwon a title once every for yes would you want to eatch the other 3 years going with 1 or 2 wins like your team baylor does.

A good one is like auburn does. Does it count still in your mind if they strip it from you.

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Nebraska was on the downswing before they left the B12 joy. They lost all the illegal chit Osborn was doing. Him and Devany They are out in the middle of nowhere but Solich was still winning lots of games. How’s that worked out for them since they fired him

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What’s the alternative? QB2 is QB2. And unless you think Rangel is QB2, who cares what QB2s last name is.


Gordon the fastest? Wow, don’t understand what you’ve been watching. Looks slow to me.

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