10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 94-90 Victory against Oklahoma

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A lot of Cade talk.

That first video with Cade’s 3, Boone was totally walking on that play. Watch it again. It’s blatant

Cade with a performance for the ages! I’d be very interested to see maybe a ten or so greatest individual performances in the bedlam series and see where you guys have his game ranked in bedlam lore. Especially since we have them again Monday! Go Pokes!!

Cade is getting most of the attention and he should but we don’t win this game without Williams getting his confidence back and hitting those 3’s, several players making not only free throws but big time free throws that were clutch and the rebounding of everyone.

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Those back to back 3s changed the game

With Cade putting down 40 I think everyone wants to see him play in the NCAA tournament so now I don’t think the NCAA is going to make a last minute decision to deny the appeal. They want to see Cade in the tournament for the publicity he will create. Just like the reason they chose OU over OSU a few years ago just because the NCAA thought it would draw more interest if people got to see more of Trey Young in post season. And we had this great victory without Ice being able to play. Everyone stepped up. We will see if fatigue plays a role in the outcome of round 2. On Monday we will be a top 25 ranked team again. Yor sure made a huge career mistake by transferring. We need to find a talented transfer for next season to keep this team rolling. Significant amount of upsets of highly ranked teams is really impressive. I always have loved Dicky V. doing color commentary but the guy does talk too much.

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Marshall Scott. Look it up. Osu shooting solid 70% as a team in Big 12 play. We struggled in non conference and have grown up. 70 is pretty solid for a team in college.

By the way it wasn’t up there with Trae Young performance. It was a hell of a lot better. Trae just shoots the ball 35 times a game and is a crappy defender. That’s why his teams don’t win. His style is crap. Trae is literally the worst defender in college and worst defender statistically as a starter in the NBA. Cunningham took 21 shots to get 40 points. Great and efficient. Trae sucks donkey balls compared to Cade.

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Yes but hey we will be ranked 20 come monday. Tourney is a lock. We should get a 6 seed in ncaa tournament. Lock dude! 6 seed!! We would be ranked top 15 if not for tcu loss collapse

The first tcu sucked but the second one can be used to screw our seed.

We could still tie ku for 2nd or third. Be great to stay a way from a 7-10 seed. But we r in now. Got a good road win

Cade Cunningham sucks. He needs to come back for 2-3 more years, he’s nowhere close to a first round pick. Mike Boynton sucks. He deserves less than the garbage money he’s making right now, if not fired. All of our supporting cast sucks. No supporting cast and none of them ever show up. Boynton recruited wasteful and useless players around Cade. We have no chance in the tournament.

This was the theme all last week by a bunch of people in the comments and I’m illustrating how completely idiotic and brain dead those people are. Enjoy.:blush:


Yeah it’s called the excusers. They are a group of vigilantes created by the Gundy regime for the sole purpose of convincing the rest of society that mediocrity is the way of the future.

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Do u ever shut up. I mean u really r the stupidest person I have meet.
When u have constipation do u blame gundy because their scared to leave ur ess.
I really hope ur wife is screwing the milk man, we dnt need u to bred.

Are you claiming that this basketball team is mediocre?

No he is calling the football team under gundy mediocre. He is calling the basketball team elite. He was after everyone who was bad mouth the team before the ou game.

Oh I see. Well if so his comment doesn’t make sense in that context. I’m saying that all of the comments mentioned in my post came from people who think the basketball team is mediocre, so the type of people making those comments would be his type of people basically.

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I not sure how this season will end. But rite we end up as high as 2nd or 9 and 9. Its still the best boynton has done.
The team still does things they shouldn’t. a lot of young players I guess.
I do know that next year he will have to coach and not just give the ball to cade. He has good players but I thought he had go players before.

If we sweep the goons and don’t go far in the turny then not going far in the turny for me won’t be as big of a deal. Beating ou is at the top of my list every year. If we can’t win it all then at least beat the goons!!! That’s called a rivalry🤷‍♂️ Go pokes!

I’m with u beat the goons and win a natty :innocent::cowboy_hat_face: