10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's Spring Game

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On Jaden Bray, quarterbacks and a good Stillwater weekend.

I never figured out if the green twins were playing. The biggest winner bray,Shane, Middleton, Owens, pohl, gunner.
The defense did good every where.

Everybody has been screaming like myself to use the slot guys more in the middle of the field and has been baffling to watch it not exist over the last few years but maybe, just maybe gundy will come to his senses and use it this year. He has to change his offensive mindset to be a contender. I know someone will bring up how many yards they averaged like they always do but if he does this one thing they will have a chance to compete at the end of the year and also get his tight ends catching the football.


“Here is to hoping OSU uses more four-receiver sets this season with Presley and Johnson wrecking havoc from the slot.”

I hope to God that this happens, but I’ll believe it when I see it.


Go to full diamond with te and one reciever. With full huddle.

Ur rite we did 5 yard pass to te, that open it up. I wish gundy would learn to run an offense. Been here 16 years u would think he could do that.

Point total averages the past three seasons:

2018- 38 ppg

2019- 32 ppg

2020- 30 ppg

Maybe someone finally notified him about his team’s points total going down the past three seasons.

“Here is to hoping OSU uses more four-receiver sets this season with Presley and Johnson wrecking havoc from the slot.”

I’ve been saying it for a long time now. They never should’ve went away from their offensive identity that helped get them a Big 12 championship.

The offense functions better with 4 WR sets and a single back. Hopefully this is what we see next season, and they stop trying to fix something that was never broken.

Repeat rainman im only talking if ur not rainman

If you keep getting it wrong then someone should keep reminding you.

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Ur so funny u act like or either an oracle or knowledgeable. We have proved ur not knowledgeable. And since most oracles are girls that maybe true.

We all know the offense went down genius.

If iowa state is so great how can we run 4 wide receiver. Genius they run 3 te.
This has been campbells best off. Let’s let gundy turn it around. Dnt need to reply i know what rainman will say

I can’t believe Gundy lost this game. He even knew what plays the other team was running? SMH.

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You are 100% correct. Time to play 4 WR sets. Braydon Johnson never should have been moved to outside. He’s a great slot and fast. Time for Dunn to earn his money . Tired of looking average on offense. Figure it out! Same with Gundy. No excuses! Get it done!

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It’ll never happen.

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I know I’m wondering how were going to run 4 receives and a group of tight ends rbs. I guess we could just use a center.

Just doing my part to not let anyone forget the past so we hopefully don’t repeat it. Noah kept telling people a flood was coming and nobody listened to him. We all know how that ended.

There is a difference between throwing to a TE and using them as a blocker. Iowa State is trying to use the TE as a threat and use them to their potential. We are in the business of using them as another blocker and almost never throw to them.

Iowa State uses their TE as a mismatch for OU. Meanwhile, we would rather not throw it to the TE against OU and punt the ball back to them in their own territory.

What pass 3 years ago we had the top 11 scoring offense. U dnt tell them that.