2021 OSU fan survey - results

I’ve emerged from my spreadsheets with the results. Thanks to those that participated - strong turnout this year with 1,650 responses. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Dave

Survey results


So I didn’t realize this until going through the results, but in the last 12 bowls, we’ve lost every one that involved an SEC opponent…?

And a lot of you think we should accept an invite to that conference…

Hilarious that the last time we actually won against an SEC opponent, it was Alabama (not Saban, I know).


IMO if we go to the SEC we are no different than Arkansas. But hey at least there is security there…


@OKCDave Do you share these results anywhere else online? Do you mind if I do? I’d like to see comments from other fan bases on the CFB reddit page. I would give you credits if you wouldn’t mind that, as well.

I will not share this if I don’t get explicit permission from you first.


In the 2000s we have beaten Missouri and Bama, but yeah losses to Missouri (1), Ole Miss (3) and A&M (1)

Was about to say that we just beat Missouri a couple of years ago. Are they actually considered an SEC school is the better question.

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Yeah, you’re just not listening to the debate about how being in the SEC elevates the program.

You people have been watching way too much SEC Network.

Thank @OKCDave

Good to see everybody is on the Presley bandwagon!


Mizzou and A&M both improved by moving over…

Share away. I just post these here, on Orange Power, and Rivals. Thanks!


To be fair we typically play SEC teams in NY6 or bigger bowls, so we always have to play a team that finished top 4ish or better in their conference. They beat UGA in ‘09, MSU in ‘13, and a bad Mizzou team in their 2018 bowl. But you are right, we’d get smoked by the top of the league

Thanks for the survey. I always enjoy reading the results!

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We’ve actually undervalued the team’s predicted success in 7 of the seasons since ‘08. Would be 8 if we would have played 12 last year, we would have beaten Oregon state and Putnam City HS if those games were played to put us at 10 wins. I’m surprised, I bet if you polled every team’s fanbase in America, in most occasions they would most likely overestimate their team’s ceiling. Some trust issues, apparently.:joy:

Also, Baylor only 73% at home? That number surprised me, figured it would be higher. They won 2 games last year, and got absolutely slaughtered by us in Waco.

A&M has improved and still have nothing to show for it.

Mizzou improving is debatable. They were pretty good from 2008-2010 in the weak Big 12 North.


I completely forgot about that and zipped through the results.

Has A&M really “improved”? I think they have gotten worse. They were in a better position to frequently make the Big 12 championship, but now…? In the SEC? They rarely make it, if I remember correctly.

they’re better in a sense that their brand is bigger and they’re loaded with talent, but don’t produce similar to their rival school.


That’s fair. I’m strictly looking at it from a “do you have a better chance of making a big bowl game or the playoff” perspective.

Oddly enough, I feel like their basketball has gotten a little better.