2022 Cornerback Cameron Epps Commits to Oklahoma State

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OSU’s 2022 class ranks third in the Big 12 and top-20 nationally.

Are we still getting the surprise commit on Friday ?


Love his size. I’m tired of seeing 5’9 corners they can’t matchup physically with the receivers. Need these guys 6’0 + also wonder who the silent commit is?


Hopefully it’s braylin!


Yea I hope braylan but that should not be a big surprise. So I hope its Christmas again​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

A little bit above our average. Awesome!


Now ur on board we stole him away from team u praise

I noticed we beat out Miles. Yippee!

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Wisconsin Michigan state Arkansas well we always beat miles

This is a great year will u cry if we get in the top 25

Were ranked 19 in recruiting

Might be a little early to pop a cork!

Awesome!! Ranked 19th and there is still an entire year of recruiting to go. If I were to bet my house I think we will see ourselves somewhere between 32nd and 44th in the 2022 recruiting class before it’s all said and done. You heard it here first!!!

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Lol so this kids not good enough

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Were up to 14th now. This is unreal. I cant wait till friday.

The average commit rating should have us finishing in the mid 40’s.

So u have nothing to say.

Do you think if we finished out our recruiting with unrated players we might have a better chance of playing in a conference title?

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Nothing to say. Ok

Can you feel it slipping away?

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