2023 Bedlam Thread: Oklahoma 🏈

Is it early to start the Bedlam thread?


Is it too early?

Absolutely not, I say.

Anyone going to the game? I’m hoping to find a couple tickets for my pops and I if anyone is selling. IDK if OSU wins but I dang sure want to be there to see it.


I can’t help but feel like this is a bad omen…


I’ll be there, but I have a couple to sell. Message me and we can talk.


How dare you.


I’ll be there, but unfortunately I don’t have a couple of extra. Hopefully I can meet some of you at the tailgate.


We gotta beat Cincy before we start talking about OU… Let’s hope the team is focused on the game Saturday lol


This team not completely focused could lose any game remaining on the schedule no question. :joy:


I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but yeah heading to Bedlam for the first time. Coming down from Illinois for my 30th with a big group.




Glad it’s the last one.


We are losing to Cincinnati for sure now. :joy:


I don’t care how , or who makes the plays , I would just love curb stomping them. Pound them in the ground. That probably won’t happen but it’s an idea I can get behind. We aren’t good enough yet to look past anyone but we can win the rest of them and play i the CC


This feels like a really dangerous game we are playing…:flushed:


For @SherlockOhms and anybody else wants to get fired up:

“We don’t like them. It’s personal.”-Mike Boynton, Jr.

You’re ■■■■ right it’s personal.

It’s an annual right of passage. It’s a war that’s anything but holy. It’s the ecstasy of 2021. And the agony of 2013. It’s a contest that goes back over 100 years. Most of which have not been kind to the men in America’s Brightest Orange. But this….this is the Year of the Cowboy.

For all of his deserved criticism, Gundy knows this is the Year as well. He won’t say it. He won’t admit to ever caring about fans, but he does care about his program. And deep down, he knows how important this one is. He knows more than probably anyone because he’s invested most of his life as an athlete and coach being the caretaker who raised the Pokes from 4-7 in ‘05 to a Big 12 title in ‘11. Two Fiesta Bowl wins. Despite completely butchering the non-con with indecisiveness, we still HAVE A LOGO, TOO!!! He’s going to coach like it too.

It’s the orange and black of OSU. It’s the Marshall badge, and Phantom Pete and the icy whites, and the paint chips flying as Castleman’s check engine light came on. It’s “There Goes The Cheetah!” Love him or hate him, Tyreek made his imprint on this sacred game. As did Weeden, Blackmon, Richetti, Staley, Z-Rob and Dez, Spencer, Jaylen, and so many who came before them.

It’s time to lay this rivalry to rest in 8 days. Doesn’t matter who wants to blame which side. The fact is it’s done. OU can have the overall record. The All Americans. The conference titles. The one thing they can’t have is this last Bedlam victory. It’s ours. Because Cowboys don’t quit. Cowboys have work ethic, grit, determination. Cowboys get bucked off in adversity and climb right back in the saddle. Cowboys have pride, honor, dignity, and faith.

Sooners simply don’t. It’s in their name. They cheat, lie, and steal. Then brag about it all. They have since 1889. That’s why it’s personal.

It’s personal because we share schools, churches, businesses and even families in some cases. Two groups crowded into the same patch of red dirt. One thing we don’t have to share anymore is a conference. The Big 12 will be ours to rule. Which will be abundantly clear when the Pokes take down the Sooners in front of 60,000 screaming fans. The House that Boone Built will be rocking beyond belief regardless of kicktime. It’s about to get rowdy.

Bowman will drop dimes. Ollie will run wild. CO will get his sacks. The defense will force turnovers. When the smoke clears on Saturday, this entire state will know……it’s personal.

Pokes 35 Sooners 28.



That’s a lot to read for a game we always lose and likely will again. I have no prediction and glad Bedlam is over.


I’m glad it’s done too. And yeah, it was a lot. You don’t have to read it, but “Be a lot cooler if you did.” :joy:


I bring apathy to Bedlam anything.

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I almost wish I could do that. Caring so much about this one God-forsaken game has brought me so much more pain than joy. We desperately need this one.


I love it Travis!

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Thanks! I knew you would!

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