2023 Football Season: 10-4 Good Buddy!

Let’s start with a positive.

I’m excited about Rucker, Daniels and Rawls at safety. They are incredibly athletic and aggressive.


Hoping Oliver actually gets used as a pass rusher in ‘23


We currently have the 6th longest bowl streak in the nation. We’ve got a team that can keep that streak alive. Go pokes!


Defensively I believe we will be better. Back seven looking solid. Will be interesting to see how we replace Taylor. Defensive line plays needs a DT difference maker to emerge.
Offensively, Bowman gives the QB some stability, change in blocking schemes on o-line will help. Birmingham, Brooks, Cooper should stabilize the line. Need to fill the other two spots, develop some legit backups. RB looks solid. WR looks solid. Need a couple of backups to emerge. And hopefully we utilize a true TE. Special teams looks solid. The most important thing is so stay relatively healthy. 8-10 wins is reasonable. But have to wait for schedule to come out to really try to predict anything.

15-0, let’s ride.

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AFCA is over now correct? Anybody actually expecting anything this week? Or at all?

No I don’t think there will be any coaching changes unless one of our coaches leaves on his own. Sounds like Dickey gets one more year which I hate. The bad/good news is it looks like we cannot afford Arroyo right now, because his buyout is paying him his head coaching salary this year, and that is too much for us to afford for an OC. However the good news is it looks like he is going to consult for us at least in the spring and help us change our offensive scheme. I am betting that unless something a lot better comes along later he will also be our OC after next year (after his buyout year is over).


A schedule sure would be nice!


The only way we’re going to win B12 games this year is if we have a killer scheme

The coaching staff is going to have to change it, Armstrong can’t run zone read.

I’ll believe we’ll be good when I see it, but at least things are in motion.

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I wouldn’t call this solid. OKST Roster 2023 - Google Sheets (Thanks @colinj)

Getting JPR back would be a big boost, but certainly not counting on it.


Dickey getting one last chance to turn things around after what we’ve seen the past few years is the literal definition of insanity.


Gundy Dug his heals in. Nothings is going to change. I expect maybe 5 wins.

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We’ve known for like 2 weeks no changes were happening lol


:: Fights off urge to make anonymous Twitter page making claims “changes are coming” ::


It is not a chance to turn things around. It is a one more year and then everyone agrees he retires and rides off into the sunset.

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Do you know why Mike isn’t forcing him to ride off into the sunset now? Seems like a terrible idea to let him be here for another year imo.


Its gonna be a rough ride, but honestly, if Gundyr runs it back with the same coaches and wins like 3-4 games, then MAYBE it will be the wake-up call he needs that he is not a god and needs to grow up and look in the mirror


I do not know. It is possible that we don’t have the buyout money but that just doesn’t seem to add up to me.

He only made 600k last year so his buy-out can’t be that big, right?


Does OSU offer a pension to staff members?

Maybe he needs the extra year for some kind of benefits?