4 Star Recruiting and Retention Woes

It is no secret that many of us fans constantly complain about our inability to bring in a solid group of 4 stars in a class. Whenever we do get a few 4 stars it is considered a great class, however, I wanted to bring a new subject to light that may infuriate many other fans. In the 2015-2019 recruiting classes 6/9 of our 4 star recruits have transferred. 66.7% of 4 stars we recruited in that time transferred. This is a strong trend under Gundy and I’m not sure what the cause is. I remember watching the kansas game where we gave 5-6 running backs carries and thought to myself “where is deondrick glass?”, a couple weeks later he entered the transfer portal. I fear that this trend is going to continue as I also noticed that Brennan pressley was getting a good amount of playing time against K-State. Again my thoughts were “where is langston anderson?” I understand that pressley is incredibly talented but doesn’t Gundy care about waiting your turn and following the cowboy culture? In the case of LA it seems that some of these convictions are inconsistent and we may lose him to transfer as well. Not only can we not recruit 4 star recruits at a level that should equate to the level of success that we have had in the last decade, but we cannot retain them when we do get them. I understand that many of our studs are 3 star guys with chips on their shoulders and they normally outplay their billing, but the fact remains. No team has ever made the college football playoff without a 5 star on the roster. We struggle to pull in 4 stars to which i think we are a hgh enough caliber program to net 6-8 per cycle. This is also a big reason as to why we can’t get over the OU hurdle, they recruit circles around us and have way more depth. What do you guys make of this issue?

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Letting 2/3 of the 4☆ players that you finally get to campus transfer (when you get so few) should be grounds for firing.