A boy named dana

I get tired of listening to abunch of ur guys talking about open up the play book.
And alot talk about how Dana told gundy how to run the passing attack. Food for thought. Since Dana has been gone he has worked every year and has 4 years of more then 300/game. Gundy has six.
Monken has 1( not a power 5 school) Can’t blame qb. One of the qb at Georgia as a freshman threw for more yards per game then monken team did.
Gundy has had 4 since he has been gone.
Even when u combine the two they are still short with more years.
I will be waiting for the usual suspects. I’m already smile think of ur idiotic remarks.


Gundy shood b piking up trash on hour highways. Cant coach worth a dam. cant beleive we gave him a lifelong contract. OPEN UP DAT PLAYBOOK

No wat I mean, bro?


That was hilarious. But, like I said tired of open up play book.

Oh God thank god he is not out there. joining u picking that trash up.

nah bro, I design structres. buildings and stuf u no?

OSU lerned me real good bro


I will be glad when gundy retires. To see the look on u guys face. With a new coach.

So ur busy picking up ur Lincoln logs. Try legos.

Why u guys playing with the peasants.
Trying to get some street cred. Sluming it.


Well 3 paid posters show up, out of the blue. Non paid would be peasants. Sluming would be talking on a non paid post. Street cred is what bros get when they act big.
I will say been on here awhile. Never had anyone tell me what he does. It only took u 2 post. Ur mom must be proud.

u loco bro bro. Mucho loco

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So u believe that Dana or monken run a better offence. If thats the case ur the loco. Or I guess in case that would be grandiose Loco.

Go home you’re drunk

Glad all the gundy haters are out.

Its funny I knew the gundy haters would bewrote out just use to a different crowd. Not use to the upper level cry babies coming out.
Same stuff could not defend what I wrote.
Just called me loco drunk and other stuff
High class fans.

Not a Gundy hater. I love Gundy. But you should learn to spell.



So ur the smart guy what have I miss spelled.

That’ll give u something to do. Idiot

Yes I’m the idiot in this situation…

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Well, for starters, you misspelled “miss spelled”.