A personal question

So I don’t really know what to do here, but I figured I’d crowdsource this to the people who this most would impact, and this is some good Friday fodder.

Here’s my conundrum: I don’t really know what to do with my PFBoone twitter account. I have 11,500 followers. But I also really just don’t have time to maintain the page between writing for CBS and PFB and also posting to my other Twitter account. More than that, the account is bombarded on the daily with trolls. Just completely toxic post-OAN incident, and maybe inescapable.

Do I delete it? Do I sell it? Do I rebrand it? Ultimately leaning towards deleting it and just moving all my takes to my main CBS Twitter account – CBS has encouraged me to do so because they think my OSU takes are fine there, even if I technically cover college hoops nationally – but I know willingly deleting an account with that many followers is probably strange. (I was going to maybe announce the account is being deleted and encourage people to migrate to my other account.)

Anyway, this is a conversation I’d typically have with a friend over a beer, so pardon my vulnerability. Just curious what you guys think.


My initial inclination would be to delete it. Any concern that the toxicity would just migrate to your CBS account, though?

Of course, this comes from someone with 6 followers and social media is not an integral part of my day job. So losing followers is not a big deal for me.


I agree with deleting, especially since you have the blessing of a key income source. I would imagine they see it as additional traffic, especially after your summer ‘activities’. A simple announcement, with an even simpler explanation (like - i don’t have time to dedicate to both), and an invitation to the ‘new’ account. With the explanation, you are not ‘abandoning’ the account, just ‘consolidating’. If you approach it that way, I think you are good to go.


Agree. Delete it. Just know the trolls will follow and you’ll have to deal with it on the CBS account. But that’s the goal right? Become good enough to see yourself be the bad guy?

I’ll take it.


Give it to @ScottCorken


You’re okstateprobs, though, aren’t you?


Do not delete it. Flat out. I can tell you with 100% certainty how that shakes out.

  1. You delete the account.
  2. The handle gets snapped up by a troll.
  3. The troll then builds the handle in such a way that it is only barely indistinguishable from your actual account.
  4. The troll uses said account to post hateful, inflammatory, violent things in order to connect that to you.
  5. Professional consequences possible.

Instead of deleting it, make a post on it saying that you’re making it no longer active and will be moving your takes to your CBS Twitter handle. That way you keep control of the account name but don’t have to worry about others thinking you ran.


Boy I wish. That guy is AWESOME


Essentially, yes. More trolls mean more relevance, I guess. It’d be better and easier to deal with if it was all being directed to my verified account.


I thought this would happen when I abanadoned THEOKIEPOKIE and rebranded as PFBOONE. But THEOKIEPOKIE is a dud. It takes not only effort, but talent, to do something like that. And someone with the free time to do something like that probably has neither talent nor effort I’d be afraid of.

After seeing @DrCCowboy take, I like that more.


Idk about that, the probz account and barstool account don’t have talent yet they have all these followers.

Yes, I follow both and I hate both. What can I say?

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I mean, with the amount of people here. Hand it to PFB+ and make it “marketing” and throw in some funny. I’ll be glad to run it as some sort of “admin” and I’m a dad you can trust me!


Mine was first though, so it scores a bit higher in the decision making process.


Oh you score high alright, did you see the poll in the Boog? You’re a winner!


One thought about announcing anything. If you announce that you are deleting it or making it inactive, then prepare for victory laps from trolls and lots of them.

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I get your point but, respectfully, when you rebranded from The Okie Pokie, you didn’t have the massive amount of hate coming your way that you do right now. My advice is to not give any potential a-holes even the opportunity to screw you. Keep the account, make it ‘no longer updated’, and then leave it be.