A Refresher on the Cowboys' 2002 Season

Joy you need help , serious help. Mental illness is serious business… seek help joy before you reach the edge

So texas tcu ksu and isu never finished in the top ten. Nebraska , Colorado were on their way down.
Texas won their natty not during miles time. But thinks for your flase memories.

I forgot Mizzou and ku

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Does it. Im sure miles cries everytime he sees saban saying “that could of been me, if he went pro again”.
Your boy is alot like boynton, best we got was 5th

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In 2001 Texas finished 5th, Nebraska finished 8th and Colorado finished 9th.

In 2002 Texas finished 6, K State finished 7th.

In 2004 Texas finished 5th

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The only ones here with a mental illness are the ones that think a coach that has one conference title in 17 seasons is going to get OSU football anywhere close to BB status.

We didnt play Colorado in 2001.
Last year baylor and uo finished top 10 we played them 3 times.
2020 isu and uo finished top 10
2019 uo and texas
I can go on.
Thing is there were 12 teams, now there 10 and we play more ranked teams then miles did.

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Well he is still alive so we have a better change then you bringing up multiple dead donors.

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So tell me how bad the rest of the team was joy… Gundy doesn’t recruit draft able players so what’s your point ? It’s one or the other. Gundy can’t recruit but gets players drafted ? Is it coaching or just great players ?

Uh… the offense was good, though.

If Gundy would recruit more 4 star players he might be able to get a conference title. The problem is he doesn’t believe in recruiting stars. The teams that have proven they can win championships do believe in recruiting stars. At some point Gundy has to lay down at night and think to himself “ I wonder why I don’t ever beat my rival or win the conference?”.

I never said Gundy was a bad coach. I’ve always said he’s a nice coach, but he’s not a championship caliber coach. You want another conference title? Well…if you’re going to hold onto Gundy you better get players good enough to overcome his “play not to lose” strategy in big games. Especially when it’s the biggest game in a decade.

Take a look at our skill players we recruit joy, we are just as good as anyone else except maybe an NFL gb … games are won in the trenches. Surely your guru asx knows that. Hardest positions to recruit for Our problem isn’t skill players, ask your daddy

Joy you kill me. You think you the only person that thinks gundy needs better recruits. Im glad gundy kicks those 4 and 5 star recruits out of town. The ones that are begging to play in stillwater. Not for him, but for the metropolis of stillwater. Some of those he said no to said they dnt even want 7 figure nil deals.

Joy this is an example of your asinine remarks.

Today ive heard some real winners.
You dad is old enough to be a pony express rider.
He can shoot a gun, without killing himself.
You think gundy needs better recruits
Dana knows how to win in the big 12
Gundy is using riley playbook

Your dad talked about hobbling horse, i thinkyou you two have practiced on each other to much.

Joy stop talking non sense. You have never said anything a 12 year old couldnt come up with

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“I don’t need to make excuses for Miles since he went on and won a national championship.”

Isn’t that a direct quote from Jeff Long, as reports of Kansas HC Miles’ inappropriate behavior with female students at LSU surfaced?


I’m framing this post :joy::joy::joy:

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I would like to say im the next great american satirist after Samuel clemens, but these two yahoos write there on stuff.:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Joy fyi samuel clemens is mark twain.
Satire is smart people making fun of yahoos

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They provide plenty of ammo for sure :joy::joy::joy:

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Did they take his national championship away from him?

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Its funny the majority of three school’s fan base would rather not seen miles you keep sticking up for him. In the big 12 his best finish is 5th. How do you explian greatness with these results

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Don’t care if Miles is or was good. Miles is an ass, he left OSU in a lurch. Also I’m surprised that the trolls don’t bring up Jimmy Johnson, another ass that left OSU and won a natty.

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There’s very few coaches who have won a national championship that I would want to sit down with and eat a meal. That being said, he has a national championship and as far as I know they haven’t even discussed taking it away.

I’ve noticed you seem to be obsessed with Miles and Briles. I’m just impressed with coaches who can win the conference. My thoughts are if you can start winning the conference, more good thing will come.

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