After Strong 2021 NFL Draft Class, OSU Could Produce Big in 2022

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Seven leading candidates to be drafted in 2022.

I agree. Was thinking the same thing. Keep it rolling

You might be able to add Godlevske to that list if he lives up to the hype.

And don’t sleep on my man, Malcolm Rodriguez He may be a little undersized to play LB in the NFL but could carve out a role on special teams if he keeps improving his game.

Braydon Johnson also has a chance to get some NFL respect put on his name next year.

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And what if Spencer Sanders becomes the player he shows flashes of. Does he become a poor man’s Justin Fields?

If only

First and foremost I would like to see all of the above mentioned go without any season ending injuries. I think Malcom Rodriquez gets signed as a free agent.


There are a bunch more like martin.

Even with all these “leading candidates” I still think we don’t get any higher than 4th this season.

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I guess I don’t get what scouts are looking at with Sterling. I love me some KHP, but I think undoubtedly the best player on this defense is Tre. He gets constantly undersold by national scouts and awards and I don’t understand it. I’m glad they undersold him enough for him to stay another year, but the dude is a dog and he just always seem to be in the right place. Rarely misses tackles, comes up big in pass deflections and INTs in clutch moments basically every single time we get into that situation, I don’t really understand the reasoning behind everyone scouting him so low. Figured it might be his size but the guy is 6 foot 210. That’s good size for a safety.

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OU, Texas, and ISU all having as many, or more, draftable players than us might have something to do with that bud.

It’s interesting that OSU fans( I am one as well) just witnessed a draft where at least 3 of the 4 OSU players were drafted lower than expected but somehow think these 7 kids will all be drafted. LD is a great person but he is destined for free agency. Lacy? I have not seen it yet. I think OSU will be fortunate to have 4 again maybe 5 depending who declares for the draft.


If ford comes back and has a good year he could go.

No chance Brown or Martin get drafted without an all big 12 performance and then is still very questionable. Doubtful on Lacy. Ford will get drafted, but not as high as many expect due to injury. Sterling is a bit shorter than ideal, as is khp so not sure they get drafted either, but possible.

I agree with you about Malcolm Rodriguez. He will probably get a chance as an undrafted free agent. If he gets on the field in an NFL camp, it will be hard to release him.

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Don’t you talk like that OSUgrad. According to Robert we have the best coach in the Big 12. We should be able to finish higher than 4th based on that alone.

Agreed. All I heard was first round talk on Jenkins and he wasn’t even a top 5 pick in the 2nd round.

I always love how u talk. Example: if Jenkins got picked 4th in the 2nd round , u would say he didn’t get a top 3.
No matter what a cowboy does is always not enough.
One thing u missed joe, he was the best draft pick of the whole big12.
So better then ou. Making Gundy’s player did better then any of the 4 and 5 :star2: of riley.
How u like them :apple:

Right, because national evaluators all saying Jenkins is a first rounder and then individual coaches choosing to go with Skill players instead is somehow in some way Gundy’s fault.

I’m not Robert.:slightly_smiling_face:

OU is the preseason Pick to win it all next season, and ISU is #5. So we’d have to play better than at least one top 5 team to finish 2nd. I know the rehearsed “Why is ISU #5 and we’re not” response will be coming, but ISU has asked the same about us for the past decade+.

Also, from 2014-2019, ISU’s allocated athletic funding increased 40%, while Oklahoma state’s decreased 13%. That isn’t irrelevant. Maybe people like you need to empty your pockets a little more if you want OSU to be taken more seriously. If you have it to give, of course.