After Strong 2021 NFL Draft Class, OSU Could Produce Big in 2022

Don’t blame me. I thought he might go in the 1st round or really early in the 2nd round. All I pointed out is that PFB was wrong on where he would be picked. I’m not bad mouthing the dude at all.

Part of that could be because Riley has a some what of young team returning this season. So it’s obvious he isn’t going to have as many high level draft picks as a veteran laden team like OSU this past season) who still lost Bedlam).

Geez Robert!!! If your going to argue something at least try to be good at doing it.

Maybe a coach should agree to a continuous pay cut until he can prove again he has what it takes to be at least #2.

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Pfb are as much as a pro at picking draft pick as anybody.
The so could pro’s pick him in the first. But it still goes back to the nfl draft what they want not what the need.

It still doesn’t explain why u were happy about it.

Also why u need to make excuses for riley. And we know ur really good at it. Plan and simple riley can coach up 5 :star2: to be 1st round draft pics. Unless they are coached by other coach then come to ou.
And then u make excuses.
U can’t have both make out u like osu, then bad mouth osu. And play it off. And give praise to ou non stop.

So because a young OU team that didn’t have as many or more draft picks compared to a veteran OSU team means I’m taking up for OU?

Why would I be happy about Jenkins going 40th overall? I said I even thought the kid would go in the late first round.

So as far as comparing NFL draft picks between OU and OSU it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who is increasing their player’s draft stock and who is decreasing their player’s draft stock.

Gundy helped destroyed Wallace and Hubbard’s draft stock from last season. A lot of NFL scouts had Wallace and Hubbard going in the 2nd round and no lower than the 3rd.

Yet, they both get drafted in the 4th round for this draft. That’s why I always say it’s dumb for players like them to return for another year to make a “Big 12 Title Run”. The reason being:

  1. When players of that caliber do return there is a history of those players draft stock going down.

  2. Even when they return they don’t even get to the Big 12 title game. They get lucky to get 3rd.

Hey now!!! I’m sure the coach has absolutely nothing to do with that, right???

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I like u can make excuses for ou. Whats really funny there are ton of guys on an ou site bad mouth riley.
U just one of those pathetic fans that are never happy.

Did I miss something. Did ou not recurit ANYBoDy 4 years ago. Thats just silly. Riley first class was a BaD class. Thats just crazy. Did they not have 4 or 5 stars. Really. Its got to be bad coaching.

Gundy did not have anything to do with Wallace’s injuries or his brothers.

Need to go back to last year. Hubbard was not going in the 2nd. They were talking 3 or 4.
Thats why he came back. And Hubbard screwed that up.

Weird how he continues to win the conference and is 4-0 against Gundy. Yeah…bad coaching I guess.

I guess a coach posting 29 total points in the last two bedlam matches isn’t bad coaching either.

We are talking about a coach who has 40 to 50 high recurits. But not a one could make 1st round.
Is this the guy with 40 or 50 high recurits. Couldnt make the playoff.
Let’s keep this straight, since ( as ar0 says) we recuirt more like ku then ou. So us getting 4th in conf is way less of a let down.
Texas is the biggest let down. But riley and ou is rite up they.
Still happy u are make excuses for him.

56 4 and 5 stars. In last 4 full recuriting classes.
Thats the same guy who has lost 2 games every year.
Bad coach. Always losing to teams who r well below their level. Thats riley’s ou.

Jenkins was a 3-star, and barely cracked the top 100 on the list of OTs coming out of HS. He was the 3rd OT drafted in the NFL draft.

4 OSU RBs had 45 or more carries last season. Hubbard was dead last in YPA. OSU’s rushing YPG and YPA both improved after Hubbard bounced on the rest of the year. I think he had more to do with his draft stock dropping than anyone. He did have the most attempted fights with defenders after getting one arm tackled out of all of our backs though, so props to him on that.

So with Jenkins gone which one of banks or sexton will come to stillwater?

Depends really. Do they want to be a first round or second round pick?

Well they better not go to ou. They got tons of big stars they can’t get draft.

That would be Texas.

Yea sure Texas didn’t have any drafts a couple of years ago.
But ou had no # 1 rounder. No matter what excuses u make for ur boy. How many of his recurits were projected as #1. Be all u won’t be come to ou.

Do they want 1st in the conference and a chance in the CFP? Or do they want 4th and a bowl game against the 3rd or 4th best team in the ACC?

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Bad coach!! Posting a 1-3 record in Bedlam when your the favorite.

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Riley lost 4th quarter leads in 3 games last years losing two of them.
Lost to ksu
Riley has 56 big name recruits how mean ksu had 2 maybe. Come on Joey Riley sucks.

At least he had a 4th quarter lead and didn’t get dominated in bedlam the first 8:51 of the game. Battle was over before it began.

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Keep sticking up for second rate coach who needs more big time recurits then 56.

Second rate coach would be someone who could at least get 2nd in their own conference. We have a coach that’s done that only twice in his 16 year career. It’s better than being 3rd or 4th rate I guess.