After Strong 2021 NFL Draft Class, OSU Could Produce Big in 2022

No no no a guy who can win with 56 big names is a loser
How many do riley need to win. 60 or up to 70 maybe all 85.

So a guy who wins is a loser? Now I see why you like Gundy so much.

Gundy has 8 4 stars on team riley has 56. But really its been what 15 years since ou has had only 1 loss in a season. U know how many teams have had better seasons then that. Well we are one of them.
U keep going on and on about ou and riley. But with all their stars they still can’t win. U know what I mean by win.
56 big stars.

9-2 is better than 8-3. Winning Bedlam is better than losing. Winning the conference is better than 4th.

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Thank u captain obvious.
How many ou 4 star recurits does it take to screw in a light bulb 56. How many does it take to beat isu or ksu. Unknown but more the 56.

Try making that argument when Gundy out recruits OU or wins Bedlam. Right now that crap don’t fly.

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See it does fly. Because the same crap ur spreading. Is the same crap there slinging in norman.
Their say why can’t riley beat team with less then a handful of 4 stars when they got 2 plus deep.
Stoops last two years are higher in ranking then riley"s 4 years.
But like a moron u think he is some kind of guru.
At best riley is just a warm game for the real good teams on the way to the natty.
U talk about gundy, riley has never got an upset.
We beat the same amount of top 10 teams as they did with just one try.

Last year they had 2 top 10 wins and we didn’t play anyone in the top 10. So again you are full of crap.

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We beat isu the finished in the top ten. Who was ou second top ten.
Riley has been upset 5 times and has never upset anyone.
I bet lsu wish the could have brought more guys. How do u call urself a powerhouse when u lose by 35.
Even heisman qb can’t over come rileys short comings.

Iowa state was 17 when we played them. Iowa State was 8 when they played them for the conference championship. Florida was 10 in the bowl.
You are the one who keeps saying OU was a different team when we played them compared to Iowa State and k State. If that’s true, then we didn’t beat the same Iowa State.

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Final polls.
I bet isu and ksu are already chulking up wins for the ou games
I bet their move their homecoming games to the ou game, even if its in norman.
Do the other teams laugh when ou is their opponent in the playoff.
We know stoops had a rough spot but his last two seasons end higher then riley"s 4. And riley couldn’t even get in his last two seasons.

So when Gundy was bragging about beating #3 Missouri in 2008 that was bull crap since they finished 19?

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No they beat the # 3 team.

What about #4 Stanford since they finished #7?

You need to be careful using final polls cause you might screw up Gundy’s record against top 25.

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I know u have troubles with #'s but 7 is in the top 10.
I pull a play out of ur play book. Saying gundy has the most losses but forget to saw he has the best % in the modern era.
By ur last post I see ur getting tired

No, strawberry roan is a little cold backed this morning.

Have a good. Like usual u haven’t got gundy fired over ur evidence. Maybe tomorrow. I know u will keep trying.

We’re not a basketball school and will never be a football school, maybe we should take up tiddlywinks.

I’m sorry u feel that way about osu. What I don’t understand is why u think I can change it.
I know ur demented but what ever u say to me won’t change osu or ur feelings
So why harass me for ur lack of fulfillment.

U say u care about other sports. All I can see is u hate gundy. We have a lot going for us. So u can be a debbie downer and thats fine. Were going for another conference title this weekend and beat anther # 1 ou team.
But enjoy ur hate of gundy