Alliance Between Big Ten, Pac-12, ACC Will Reportedly be Announced Soon

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Not good.

Again, you are potentially missing the point. The Alliance means they are not including the B12 as a league. However, they may very well add some B12 teams to their conferences. I still think OSU has a reasonable chance to become a member of the P12 orACC. So not good from aB12 future standpoint but not necessarily from a future Pokes standpoint.


If the three conferences align against the SEC, maybe the SEC will see value in adding the Cowboys.

Agree! And furthermore, can’t publicly announce intentions this early and let Texas/OU/ESPN off the hook for the buyout. OSU most likely will have a viable option in time.


Yes as much as we all want an answer right now there more than likely won’t be a lot of news on the remaining 8 teams, good or bad, until after Texas and OU are gone.



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Agreed, I would not expect any big news until at least after the season, maybe even longer as they try to get millions from ou-texit!

The more tendencies I see from the major conferences the more I believe we’ll be heading to the AAC with Tech, Baylor, TCU, and K State.

Don’t be a fraidy cat. This is business. You get the big deal in place. Then you take care of the supplemental deals. This is good for us. It assures KU gets a strong basketball conference (and OSU also). It creates great football matchups that expands market territory and media coverage. It leaves a very important market segment wide open. To combat the SEC they have to play in Texas. So one or more Texas teams are looking good. The natty (men & women) Baylor looks good along with KU. OSUs record gives them a credible football, baseball position. And basketball. Point is they have some voids that we fill. Patience.

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I agree. Geographically, academically, and culturally, OSU is an SEC school. We don’t fit in with the B1G and PAC 12. They have different priorities.

Ou and Texas wants the 8 teams to panic and back up. So they don’t have to pay. We should at least be public talking to schools with out them in the meeting. We can add any time between now and '25. The big thing is to get ou and Texas money and them out. Once their out we can go do what ever needs to be done.
I dnt see pac12 doing anything till "24 so the Arizona state games would be a good chance to so them what we bring. The osu game was good for playing osu.

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Everybody keeps talking ku basketball numbers. We need to find out if this holds water.
Because how I understand the tv deals, the money is given based on football. Then fox or espn get all the other games, beside other tier games.

What I’m saying if ku playes duke on CBS, is that big 12 revenue or ku’s

Who will the Big 12 add? I don’t see the Power conferences absorbing any of those schools. We may have nice sports teams, but we reside in small markets and don’t have the cachet that the B1G and Pac 12 desire. Boise State has a great football team, too, but that hasn’t gotten them anywhere.

We need to unite and save the Big 12, rather than having every single member trying to jump ship. The Big 12 looks really weak right now.

We might be more in line with the SEC in those terms, but SEC is now at 16 teams with the addition of OU and Texas. So I don’t see them expanding beyond that. We’ll end up in the AAC before it’s all said and done.

It’s like any divorce. Is the best thing to do is go out every nite to the bars trying to find a new mate?

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If ur so high on our out come let’s just form an oklahoma league. Tulsa ocu and the other alphabet schools. No travel cost too.

Bob Bowlsby got played again. Anyone shocked UT’s puppet delivered another face planted?


It’s a bad time to have a bad commissioner, but it’s a worse time to hire a new one.


That’s the problem. We haven’t divorced the Big 12, have we? Instead of going to seedy bars, we should be going to couples counseling for the family’s sake (Baylor’s and K-State’s sake), seeking to rebuild our marriage by rebuilding the Big 12. Think about the kids (WVU, KU, KSU, ISU, TCU, BU, TTU)!