Alliance Between Big Ten, Pac-12, ACC Will Reportedly be Announced Soon

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Nothing should be done for Baylor’s sake. If there are only 7 seats at the hypothetical table it’s a pretty easy choice to tell Baylor to pound sand.


I agree. Baylor should have received the death penalty. Their football program under Briles was a blight on all of college sports. I would never pay for my children to go to school there for that reason alone. They prioritized football over everything else.


The question is. Would Gundy be able to win an Oklahoma league?

I can’t think of one single positive thing he’s done for the Big 12 while raking in 2.5 million a year as the commissioner. Dude is probably one of the biggest payroll bandits in history.

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Gundy is a good coach. Honestly, fans aren’t realistic if they think OSU should be competing with OU. OU is a blue blood of college football and we’re lucky to be part of Bedlam. People forget what OSU was like before Gundy.

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The Oklahoma Conference:

North Division:

Oklahoma State
Northeastern State
Northwestern Oklahoma State
Oklahoma Panhandle State

South Division:

Southeastern Oklahoma State
Southwestern Oklahoma State
East Central
Seminole State College
Murray State College
Cameron University
Carl Albert State College

OSU’s winning percentage against OU before Gundy 17%
OSU’S winning percentage against OU with Gundy 12.5%

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Not a fair comparison. OU has been strong while Gundy has been at OSU.

People seem to forget that not everyone is expecting him to be like OU.

  • Better recruiting
  • Conference title (5-6 years)
  • Play for a conference title (3-4 years)
  • Play for a major bowl (3-4 years)
  • Better special teams (hire a coach)
  • Better offensive production (ppg down last couple of seasons)

Nope!!! We are told if we go 6-6 we should just be content with that and expect nothing more. Weird how Baylor and Iowa State can play in the Big 12 championship game now, but for some reason Gundy can’t get a consistent and established program to it.

OU didn’t win a conference title from 2011-2014 and in that time gap he went 2-2 against them. He had a better team in 2013 as well and still found a way to lose. He’s been a favorite in bedlam four times and went 1-3 against them.

It’s not about OU being strong. It’s about Gundy finding ways to blow the opportunity when it’s there for the taking. Just like in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2017. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory one might say.

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Blah blah blah.
With not being checked Joey and ar0 will talk ou football all day long.

You never answer the question I always ask you. So why should anyone take you seriously?

The Sooners claim seven [national championships] They have also recorded 50 total conference championships, twelve undefeated, untied seasons, and the longest winning streak in Division I FBS history with 47 straight victories. Besides the 11 conference championships, none of it happened while Gundy has been here.
I think it’s a fair comparison.

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Ou won no conference titles since gundy been here.

U just do rants on gundy and ur ask me who should be taken seriously. Ur so wrapped up in gundy u have no idea who is serious,sarcastic or joking.

Now ur blaming gundy for ou sucking so much they can’t win natty’s.

I’ll ask the question again:

How many times does a coach have to prove to you he can’t do something before you finally believe him?

No that’s not what he’s saying. He’s basically saying OU is not nearly as good as they used to be, but Gundy compared to all the previous bedlam games in history has less of a winning percentage. How was that hard for you to understand?

Which question do u want answered. I’m taken seriously or that gundy can win a title.