Am I the only one nervous about West Virginia?

Am I the only one nervous about West Virginia? This game feels like the Texas Tech game to me and I’m really worried if we are going to show up. West Virginia is coming off of a solid win on the road at Kansas State and we are 2-6 over the last 2 years in Big 12 road games… Plus we might be looking ahead to OU.

Someone calm my nerves.


Given how excited the WVU fans on r/cfb are about Doege, all I have for you is fuel for the fire.


No, you are not the only one


I’ve been nervous about every osu sporting event since 94. It’s awful


I think WV beating Kansas State helps the team focus and not take them lightly.


They need to win out to go bowling so expect them to give it everything they’ve got .

Hope it’s not like the TCU game last year! That’s all I can say.

Yeah, but gives WV that much more to play for…

It’s really getting under my skin how wrapped up everyone is already with bedlam, talking about how it could be gameday, and how it’ll be a game for the ages, the small chance of the big 12 title game, yada yada. There’s still a game between now and then, and one that won’t be just a walk in the park. We should win, but WVU just won in Manhattan and the QB switch they made turned into a huge game through the air and 4 TDs. And it’s in Morgantown. Hopefully the team is not even beginning to think about Ou until Sunday.


Coaches and players are much better about focusing on the next game than we fans are. I’m not nervous about the team being ready/focused. I am nervous about the team performing well given that we’ll be on the road and with either a dinged up QB or a backup QB. Still expecting a win, but it’s certainly not a foregone conclusion.


I’m always nervous but their win against KSU made me moreso.

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I laughed out loud.


Word is he has been under the knife since Saturday .

That’s gotta be some type of record/ :wink:

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I see what you did there

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I think Sanders is fine. He was playing fine before hitting his hand and his hand was already tapped up, which means there was already an issue with it and he played like his normal self anyways. I think it was more precautionary. As far as the bedlam talk goes, maybe I’m just crazy but I believe Jinxing teams is a real thing in certain situations and I hope WVU gets taken seriously. Lol

Agree on all the WVU talk – all (non-KU) games are tough and OSU isn’t good enough to [looks at Tech box score] overlook literally anyone. Also … disagree on Sanders being fine. :eyes:

It’s weird thinking in 2017 we lost basically every B12 home game with a veteran team but really since then we have been pretty decent at home but very below average on the road in the B12. think that’s a coincidence or do you think there is more to that?

I still think they’ll be okay this weekend, it’s just making me nervous how big the bedlam talk already is this early. And do you know something we don’t?:eyes: You’re making me nervous.:joy: In all seriousness, if the gameplan remains to throw the ball 14-15 times a game and pound it out the rest of the time, I think Dru has shown enough that he’d be fine taking the reigns for a week if the Sanders injury is that bad. Now, the bedlam game on the other hand…

I would be a lot more nervous if our defense hasnt been winning us ball games. I dont think internally Players and Coaches look through any team, especially a Big 12 foe. I think our defense makes some big plays down the stretch and we pull it out by 10.