Any other cord-cutters?

I’m curious if there are any other cord cutters here, that don’t subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite package.

For myself, I have Hulu Live with no commercials, and I get pretty much any OSU game that is not on ESPN+. I also have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and will soon have the Disney Plus when it comes out.


We haven’t had cable tv for about a year now. I pretty much only need YouTubeTV and ESPN+ (which is newer necessity as of August). The lady uses Amazon Prime, Netflix and HBO Go.

YouTube TV here. It’s awesome. Although it’s basically like having cable since they just raised the price to $50/month from $35. But it’s still better if your internet is fast.

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I kind of disagree because my girlfriend, her sister, our close friend and my parents all have an account through my main one. So everybody is really paying $10/month in theory compared to what cable would cost if we all still did that.

Good point!

I haven’t had cable for 10+ years.

I will say I’m getting really sick of so many streaming services. That said, I have HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix, ESPN+ (for OSU games), and will get Disney+.

Congratulations America, you saved money by cutting cable…and then spent a whole ton more on several streaming services. :expressionless:

  • I cut the cord and I love it
  • I cut the cord and I regret it
  • I want to cut the cord

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More testing out the polling feature than anything, but also interested in the results.


This. I have thought for a long time about cutting ‘traditional’ entertainment in favor of streaming. But the more I consider it, it seems like my costs will actually increase if I get everything I actually want…

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In the 15 years or so since graduating college, I never had cable, so I don’t know from firsthand experience, but it seems like I come out ahead with the streaming services. Really, I’d have Netflix and Disney+ anyway, and Prime Video since that’s just a fringe benefit of a Prime membership. So really, if I compare my $50 Hulu Live subscription vs. cable, it does seem cheaper. I suppose if I did have cable my internet may be a little bit cheaper based on bundling discounts. But maybe cable is cheaper that I think it is.

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I’ve heard great things about Youtube TV; I don’t remember why I didn’t pick that one. There was probably a channel or two it didn’t have that I wanted.

I haven’t yet cut the cord because it’s cheaper to access all the regional broadcast thunder games through directv(and to have a tv for tailgating). I haven’t yet found a streaming service that is functional for tailgating as well as getting regional sports channels.

We cut the cord 8yrs ago, went with sling and kept Netflix (total cost was $100 a month among the bills). Over those 8yrs the internet cost steadily climbed to the point it was cheaper to bundle! So we are back on the cord now…will cut again in 3 years after the contract is up

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Here’s my deal… I pay $135/mo for an in-depth cable package with all potentially relevant sports channels and internet (100 mbps). Internet through my provider on its own is roughly $80. By the time I factor in that cost plus Hulu Live (or YoutubeTV), HBO, Netflix, etc… I’ve barely made a dent in my cable bill. To me, not worth the hassle… yet!


I forgot one. I’m subscribing to Philo TV for 2 months ($20/month) so wife can watch the Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.

We spend much less but it could get out of control if we weren’t watching the cost and sharing our accounts.

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Currently have Amazon and Netflix, have had Hulu and Sling. My dad moved closer so we just watch games at his place. When I got rid of cable the guy asked if there was anything he could offer to keep my business. I said I wanted to keep all the channels and NOT pay for the Longhorn network. No deal.


Another YouTubeTV vote here. I did the free week of all of them. For me, YouTubeTV and Hulu had the best speed and picture quality, but that interface on Hulu…yuuuucckk. The way YouTubeTV does DVR is better too IMO. I watch alot of hockey and haven’t had any trouble seeing the puck or anything with sports blur at all.

The ONLY thing I miss about cable is the near instant channel switching I had with DirecTV.

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Here’s the thing:

There are some people who may have only been spending $60-70 on a basic cable package (think ESPN channels, all major news networks, A&E, Bravo, Travel, etc.). If those people cut their cable…and then replace it with all of the major streaming services, they’re probably paying more.

Then there are the people who get the cable packages with every conceivable channel in existence plus those stupid music channels that nobody uses. Those can get in the $150-200 territory. Those people might actually save money.

I say this without any available research to reference. Just an assumption, really.


whispers… cord cutters are the worst and aren’t true sports fans. :wink:

Seriously, idk how you all watch on Saturdays streaming. It’s an objectively terrible viewing experience compared to cable. Long live the cord.


Was that Comcast? I hate Comcast with the fire of a thousand suns.