Arizona Board of Regents Schedules Special Meeting Tuesday, Pac-12 also Reportedly Meeting

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More meetings in Pac-12 land.

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They coming


Yep!!! They’re calling the PAC-12 commissioner’s bluff and I don’t blame them at all.


Tomorrow morning’s emergency PAC 12 board meeting actually has only two agenda items: finalize the fall wine country tour for the presidents and trustees, and to formally say snooty things about Colorado. True, George Kliavkoff is expected to deliver numbers, but they will be Fibonacci numbers from memory, thus demonstrating his elite intellect and worthiness.


Who can blame them they all want to be in the same league as legendary coach mike gundythe winningest active big 12 coach

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The math isn’t adding up. You said the Pac-12 is losing Colorado, UCLA, and USC which brings the current membership down to eight. Last I checked 12-3=9

I think he is ciunting arizona if they vote today to go

Arizona and Arizona State will come, I still have my doubts about the others.

The Big 12 doesn’t want both.

I just think if Arizona leaves the pressure will be on ASU to go with and if they want to come I just don’t see the Big12 saying no. They might but I don’t see it happening.

Why not? What is the benefit of taking one over the other?

Do you need two Arizona schools ?

Arizona with Oregon and Washington ?

I know a lot here don’t like the fact that the Buffs are coming to the B12. I’m with you on some of the arguments but I still think it was a good thing. If nothing else they provided the lynch pin to getting other schools to take action and come to the B12 as well. I’m hoping Oregon is one of them.


Or they could see it as their first opportunity to win a conference title with Gundy still in the league. Another conference title will for sure be out of reach if Oregon joins.

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No. You don’t “need” any Arizona school. But why would you take 1……but be against the other?

This is exactly what this is. I don’t think they get Oregon. But the odds of getting them are better once someone else jumped first.

SEC takes OU but not OSU. They probably felt they didn’t need OSU. They are right. They needed both OU and Texas but didn’t need OSU. Also, maybe OU was explicitly told “Don’t try to bring OSU with you.” I’m just guessing though.

I get why we took Colorado and the kinetic effect . There’s any number of things that could happen rn. Does not taking Arizona leave room for Oregon Washington or Utah.
Nebraska left about the same time as CU what about them ? They’ll fill up your stadium .
One more east coast team instead ?

Apple streaming is all Kliavkoff has? :joy: :joy: :joy: “It’s over…it’s over…too little, too late” as the song goes.

Nebraska doesn’t seem to be able to smell the smelling salts that they’ll never become great again in the B1G. They won’t ever be able to get the prime Texas kids they once did, to go along w/ good players from Cali, east coast, Florida, etc. They should move back though.

I think the only targets are Zona, Zona State and Utah. Oregon and UW have been vetted and pre-approved to join the B1G. Stanford, Cal, Wazzu and Oregon State are screwed, maybe Utah if they don’t move soon. Big 12 might opt for one of the others instead.