Baker Mayfield Calls Oklahoma State 'A Little Brother'

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A commercial actor has strong words for the Cowboys.

Does Baker realize Cleveland’s The Little Brother of the AFC North?


Just had to dip back into the Baker well didn’t you, PFB? When is it ever going to be enough?! Baker broke our hearts 3 times and did so in a classless manner. Probably because he’s an arrogant, entitled douchebag. Trotter got EXACTLY what he wanted and expected with that answer. He may not work for the Oklahoman anymore, but he’s still a Sooner fanboy who just happens to have media credentials. Screw both of them. Rant over.


Perhaps MayFraud needs to focus on his own flailing career?

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Unless you’re willing to push for a coach that can win then you might as well embrace it.

Why would he say such a thing? I mean isn’t this just any other game? Seems rude to say about any old game on your schedule.

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He’s not wrong. I would say at the same time he may want to focus on his NFL career a little bit in case it ends before it can really get started.

They should ask him what he thinks about Mike Gundy.

Read a lot of my stuff. I AM pushing for a new coach. Have wanted Gundy gone since 2017.

I believe ya.

Its amazing how u gurls get excited when an ou qb talks trash. I’m not suprised

Says a player who has more commercials than he does wins.


I would show this video to Gundy and then to the players and see who actually cares most about what he said.

I mean, he isn’t wrong. He may want to pay a little more attention to not being a failure of a draft pick though and a little less on his college glory days.

I’ve been a little critical of him after the 2013 Bedlam loss. Then after the Central Michigan debacle I got really frustrated. Then in Bedlam 2016 when he played ultra conservative and wouldn’t pass the ball to Washington (even though he caught two huge passes) that did it for me.

We need someone who is willing to play to win when they know they don’t have as much talent (like Mike Leach) and they don’t shiver every time they see a crimson and cream uniform within 50 yards of them. If anyone else out there knows Lincoln Riley and how you might beat him then it’s Leach.

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Personal we should fire fans I think that are problem ar1 and joe travis are making us lose. We had better fans we would win

It’s real odd how joe knows or even wants to know ou stats and calls riley by his first name

With u guys crying for Gundy gone pfb will keep playing these lil stories to keep u guys crying. U really want to know why we haven’t heard from potter he wants back in. Knows he not the flavor of the month, so he is laying low. He cant even tells how the osu golf is or r pros.

I don’t know who potter is but if you mean Porter, he’s my hero.

Yea I know I said the wrong name. I knew u aim low for heros