Baylor > Oklahoma State?

Thought this on future projections was interesting. I don’t necessarily disagree with it because OSU has a lot of question marks after Chuba/Tylan leave, but seems like Gundy would get the benefit of the doubt over Aranda until proven differently.

Even though there’s a question mark after the title of this thread, and it’s an interesting discussion, it still needs to be BURNED TO THE GROUND LIKE THE TRASH IT IS. (title…not thread. :slight_smile: )


@kyleporterCBS, I haven’t read the article yet. But you successfully got my attention with that atrocious headline. Had to come see what this blasphemy was all about.

I feel like the new coaches are getting a pass in this ranking. Just because Lake and Aranda have been around success doesn’t guarantee future success. There’s only perception about how successful they will be. It will be interesting to see Aranda and Lake are judged after this season.


I don’t like lists that prognosticate the future because of the unknown as I think blue bloods will always top the list; however, I agree to think Gundy should get more credit than Aranda. Who knows what one of the young QB’s will bring to the table? They could be the next coming. Of course, Paylor will do all they can to stay relevant and get recruits in.

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Over the past 10 seasons :
Baylor is 83-47 for an average season of 8-5
OSU is 93-37 for an average season of 9-4

BU has finished the season in the AP ranked 5 times, OSU 6 times. Both with a top 10 and the rest were in the teens.

If you take away that one season Baylor had of 1-11 due to very weird circumstances (Briles fiasco), and give them just one more season of their average (8-5), then the two programs would be separated by only 2 wins over 10 years.


Two takeaways here :

  1. The programs are close enough that it’s not ludicrous-insane-crazy talk if someone does want to rank BU higher on any kind of list where benefit of the doubt is a required ingredient. They would be wrong, but I’m not sure they would be certifiably insane.

  2. Number one makes me want to vomit.


I see it as an indictment of poor recruiting/hiring recently by oSu. Briles left and BU lost so much talent to transfers to think the talent of each squad is similar is not a good look IMO. You said it best- the cupboard behind Chuba & Tylan is a mystery at this point. Those two guys will get the majority of touches next year so not much about the future will be known. The following year will be an experienced QB and a new supporting cast or an all new group of players with SI at QB.

To be fair, every college can say this about every year they lose their stars.
You could have said this in 2010 after Dez before Blackmon broke out.
You could have said this in 2014 before Washington broke out,
and you could have said this in 2018 before Tylan broke out.

Alot of the time, the next guy up is on your roster, you just don’t know it yet until it happens, so it’s easy to complain about not having him.

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You have a tendency to see everything that you aren’t happy with in the football program as an “indictment” against Gundy.

You can make a valid point that we didn’t capitalize with the Baylor scandal and the fallout with Briles being ousted. But, some things just are not in Gundy’s control.

Let’s just be honest and admit that Baylor made a homerun hire with Matt Rhule. He’s a very bright, charismatic coach and Waco is pretty much dead center in one of the most fertile recruiting areas in the country. Those were the main reasons for the quick rebuild that we saw at Baylor. It wasn’t really because of anything Gundy was or was not doing.

It remains to be seen if Aranda can maintain the kind of success that Briles and Rhule have had. But, it has now been proven beyond any doubt that you CAN win at Baylor and if they have the right coach, they are going to remain a force for us to contend with in the conference.


Baylor had a ton of seniors last year from Briles’ last class. Really good players. They will take a step back this year. Would have even if Rhule hadn’t left.


We’re going to have third year Spencer…third year Langston Anderson…third year (and hopefully developed) Deondrick Glass.

I’d be afraid of running back depth, mostly.

Who else would be responsible for recent coach hires and drop off in recruiting? If you don’t hold Gundy responsible who then do you hold responsible?

Not a fan of the theory Baylor is in a fertile recruiting area explaining why Baylor sucked for decades. Even joining the Big 12 wasn’t much benefit to the program before Briles.

Roberts, Steele, and Morriss era (1997–2007)[edit]

Baylor was led by a succession of coaches with mediocre results. Dave Roberts was coach from 1997 to 1998 and compiled a 4–18 record. Kevin Steele followed from 1999 to 2002 and posted a 9–36 record. He was succeeded by Guy Morriss from 2003 to 2007 who compiled an 18–40 record.

I goes beyond one year. See the link below for information from 2015-2019 for the Big 12. Baylor ranks above oSu in 4 of those 5 years. Just need to change the year and select Big 12.

I was just speaking to last seasons team.

Rhule specifically hired Texas high school coaches to help his recruiting efforts, which very much followed in the Briles mode.


Using your link :
2015, BU was 0.1 percentage points higher on per player average.
2016, BU was 1.3 percentage points higher on per player average.
2017, BU was 0.3 percentage points higher on per player average.
2018, OSU was 0.1 percentage points higher on per player average.
2019, BU was 0.5 percentage points higher on per player average.

Look, I’m here for all the “OSU needs to recruit in the 20’s not 40’s” takes. I’m a card carrying member of that club.


  1. I don’t really classify sub 1% differences on such an inexact science as recruiting rankings as better or worse than the other team. We’ve basically recruited the same as BU in that time frame, not worse. A player average of 84 to 83 will not convince me that one is ‘better’ or ‘worse.’

  2. It might just be time for everyone to look at things through the lens of ‘BU is a good football program’ (Pavlovian vomit), and stop using them to reference any failure on OSU’s part.


I never said Gundy wasn’t responsible for hiring and recruiting. But, you make it sound as if Gundy and Gundy alone is responsible for the “rise of Baylor.”

So what, Baylor sucked for decades? They don’t now and that’s not all Gundy’s fault. Baylor finally invested in their facilities, hired a well-connected Texas guy in Briles and they got better. And, they got better by recruiting virtually all homegrown Texas talent. How is that not a reflection on the recruiting area in which they reside?

Now, if you want to say that Baylor started getting some of the recruits that OSU used to get, then that’s fair. But, Baylor also started getting them from Tech, TCU, maybe even some from Texas and aTm. All I’m saying is, Baylor getting better is not just a Gundy problem. It’s a Big 12 problem and it wasn’t all caused by some massive Gundy failure.


Post 2011 they are trending up pretty strongly against us.

That’s a sickening image. Harsh reality. :frowning:

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Too visual… I just had lunch. :grimacing:


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