Bedlam Football: Alan Bowman Can Do Something Few OSU QBs Have

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Bowman joins a group of one-and-done Bedlam QBs at OSU.

Look for the Sooners to key on Ollie - Alan will have to play well and not give up any picks. If Leon Johnson IIII and Pressley have a good game, that should open things up for Ollie. If that steamroller gets going, OSU stands a decent chance to win the game.

The key will likely be the defense. Gabriel could eat them alive with big pass plays.


So what you’re saying is there’s a trend here? We lose whenever we have a different QB that starts the game against OU.

I think Venables probably realizes no amount of defensive formations are really going to stop Ollie. I personally think he’s going to challenge Bowman more to beat the OU defense. The problem with OU’s defense is they’re way too aggressive up front. That can be easily defeated with a screen pass to OG, screen pass to Presley, or a slant to Presley. OU has a couple of guys in the secondary good enough to defend deep passes and maintain decent coverage.

I think Venables will more than likely keep 6 closer to the line of scrimmage and keep 5 in coverage. That way he can dial up pressure on Bowman, or possibly keep OG from taking off with 50 yard runs. Considering we’re down a receiver (from what we know) I think Venables is going to use whatever advantage he can defensively on that.

The OSU defense can’t afford to give up several big plays. The one thing OSU does have going for them defensively is that DG has proven that he has trouble making deep throws. OSU also ranks 15th in redzone defense and 2nd in 4th down conversions allowed (3-16). Considering OU’s kicker sucks. I’m willing to bet we see OU go for it a couple of times inside the redzone on 4th down.

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Bowman is not good enough to expect a magical performance. OU defense will swarm him. The key will be what the O-line can do or not do. I agree their QB will pick us apart with passes.

Gabriel will be, perhaps by far, the best QB we will have faced. The D will give up some points.

Question is if the OLine can dominate OU’s D front consistently - that’s a tall order. And if Bowman plays way better than another 50% vs questionable D performance.

Scheming Backfoot isn’t hard. Only complication is scheming Backfoot while also scheming Ollie.

Will get a bit of a gripe in - I’m pissed that Backfoot was named QB1 while showing us he’s our least mobile and least consistent QB game in and game out. His fundamental flaws are glaringly obvious. Yet here we are with Backfoot trotting out for Bedlam.

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If OU does the obvious crowd the line bringing in a extra guy for the Ollie, we need to get creative and aggressive being creative. If Bowman needs to be heavily relied on we may be in serious trouble. I would not put the game on his shoulders and ask a lot of him. If we can get all 3 Johnson, Gordon, and Presley productive, oh yeah we got this even if there’s some conservativeness regardless who is QB. My game plan would be Gordon getting 20+ carries, aggressive creative short passes like swing passes, tightend delay routes, Presley on some wide receiver reverses, 1-3 trick plays, and 2-5 QB design runs.

I’d like to see a few deep shots but only if we use a combination of those things listed to set up for. I’ve hated how in the past we use to use the deep pass game to set up the run and short passes. I’d honestly play the offense they use to run when Stoops was running pre Lincoln Riley era. We are sort of doing that the last few games when they had some beast running backs. I’M STOKED FOR SATURDAY!!

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Just remember who keeps putting him out there.

I would love to see a jump pass from Gordon on 3rd short or4 th and short at midfield to our TE.

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Sadly he gives us a better chance to win than the other two. There might be situations where having a package for a more mobile QB like Gundy/Rangel a la Walsh, makes sense, but Bowman is better than the other two. You think we’d have any shot to win this week with Gundy/Rangel? Honestly? Crazy.

I don’t know what you saw in those 3 games that makes you think we’d have a better shot with the other two guys but to each their own.

The guy who is the winningest coach in our history and was the big 8 all time leading passer.

You really think we’d be better off with either Gundy or Rangel? Other than being more mobile I don’t see what ya’ll are seeing in the other two to have confidence they are better.

Knowing our luck. It would get picked off and ran back for six points.


I’m not sure how old you are Bob. I’ve been watching this game for a while, and I’ve seen just about every good thing OSU does in Bedlam turn sour most years when the game is close. Now I hope I’m wrong and that we blow them out. I’m just saying it’s something that wouldn’t surprise me.

You want proof. Im giving it to you live. That was a guy just talking and your response was negative. How old are you.

The issue here is none of us know. We’ve barely even got to see Rangel in the first three games of the year. I’m just trying to figure out what everyone sees in Bowman that makes them think he’s the dude? It’s not like Gundy has never made a mistake at that position before. Bowman looks very average in my opinion. He tends to shuffle backwards at the first sign of pressure instead of stepping into the pocket. Even Gundy mentioned this. Go watch his Monday presser.

Bowman’s completing 57% of his passes. Clint Chelf, for example, was completing 56% of his passes his senior season. Most consider Chelf an average to slightly above average QB. There was a reason Bowman never saw the field at Michigan, even in blowouts. If you watch Rangel he did a nice job with his pocket presence and wasn’t getting rattled at the first sign of pressure. Rangel also has one ability Bowman doesn’t. That’s the ability to run.

I will say Bowman is pretty good on the short and intermediate passes. Although a few times a game he tends to under throw or throw behind the receiver. He seems to know how to pitch it in a hurry and when. I like the fact that he seems to be careful with the football. I don’t like the fact that some of his deep passes look like he’s throwing the football sideways.

Like I said. I’m sure they both have strengths and weaknesses, but you can tell Rangel is the clear winner when it comes to pocket presence and handling pressure. Based on what we got to see from him.

My response has merit. Past history can prove that. You can go find a job now.

Since Gundy is only positive 16.7% of the time in Bedlam, his response seems appropriate.

You are such a defeatist. Any notion or subject that is brought up is countered by you with a negative comment, usually tagged with a Fire Gundy comment. You will never change and are condemned to existing in a world where ideas, support, goodwill and hope are void.

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Hey Chris, he’s not a fire Gundy guy, I’m a fire Gundy guy and I’m not a fan of you mediocre lovers. Y’all just make a bowl guys and never wanting to hold anyone accountable. I’ve never been a warm water guy, give me hot or cold.

You just show your pride in a 16.7% winning percentage and let others push for something better.