Bedlam Hate Week

Screw it. Let’s get this going. Hot takes, memes, insults, whatever you got. Let’s throw it here and set the Sooners on fire.

My first contribution: Sam Mayes throwing a shitfit over OKStateProbs Tweeting this:

is hilarious and proof-positive that he’s more Gooner than Cowboy now. For more salt, read the responses there too. So much anger right away.


Sam is quick to play the race card.


Man, first and foremost I hate OU. I just do. It’s something that’s just in me. I hate ‘em.

But, OkStateProbs and the crowd are kind of weird. When I was bantering on Twitter before I deleted it a couple of years ago I thought some of the stuff was weird and a lot friends from that account that would respond to stuff said weird things. I’m not saying Sam is right but he’s not wrong either.


And there’s obviously a lot of things that really annoy me from tweets by Sam too.

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And that’s fair. I personally really like Probs because he’s just so good at baiting people into being furious messes. As someone who studies trolling, it’s fascinating and hilarious. I can see how people wouldn’t like him though.


It bugs me that they seemingly have immunity from making fun of the plane crash or cheering against us… But we get called classless for making fun of their current version of Jesus’ outfit.


A majority of their fans are just awful for sure.

Full disclosure: a couple Bedlams ago, I got really, really drunk and got into Twitter fights with some of their fans. I said some devastating but uncalled-for insults that I deleted the next day, but it was…bad. I regret it. Not the level of hate and brutality but that I got baited into it.

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Thank god Bedlam is in Stillwater this year. I question if I truly hate myself going the game in Norman every other year. I’m pretty much pissed off the entire time I’m there.

To me, that’s a good rivalry. It’s SUPPOSED to incite extreme emotions. If you’re not raging while watching the game, is it really a rivalry?

I just hope I get the $900 I’m asking for my tickets.

Ha! What section?

  1. I’m in Boston this thanksgiving.

It’s also not good for me to go to bedlam games.


I don’t know that I could physically go to a game at this point. I’d be too eager to start fights.

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Last year in my section two OU fans fought over play calling. They cited their high school playing experience then charged each other. I laughed and went back to being annoyed by it all.


That sounds hilarious.

The Probs account is utter trash


Fun dream but we’re losing by 20+ next week and Ou gets into the playoff.

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My hate for ou has evolved over the years. Used to blindly hate them, but since some friends ended up going to school there and hanging out in Norman a few times it has lessened. Most of the annoying fans have never had anything to do with the school. Literally their mindset for being an ou fan is I am from Oklahoma and ou is gud so boomer. Annoying, but those fans don’t have the mental capacity to have a reasonable conversation so it’s not worth my time. I keep my football discussions to in-person conversations and off social media nowadays. I watch a lot of football with ou fans weekly, but they are the ones with a reason to cheer for the school and are open to having discussions without being annoying.

I try not to gatekeep with saying you have to have gone to that school to cheer for your favorite team, but I don’t get the people that get really fired up for no reason and say messed up stuff on behalf of a school they have no affiliation with.


I hate everything about OU. Their school, team, players, coaches, fans, culture. I hate all the exposure they get, even from this site. Nothing would make me happier than for them to have a decade of mediocrity like Texas has this decade.

It’s been a massive relief moving away from Oklahoma just so I don’t have to hear the drooling over that garbage school.

Nothing would satisfy me more than ending their playoff, and Hurts “heisman” hopes in one game.

Here’s to Dru Brown and Chuba balling out and sending their asses home.