'Bedlam Is History,' but Mike Gundy Bullish on OSU's Future Sans Oklahoma

Originally published at: 'Bedlam Is History,' but Mike Gundy Bullish on OSU's Future Sans Oklahoma | Pistols Firing

The traditions of college football will continue to tumble, but OSU will be just fine.

I dont know how anyone can say with any degree of certainty that a program “will be just fine”? There is too much going on to have anything more than an educated guess. I think OSU is on very solid footing while entering a very uncertain future within college athletics. But to say they will be “just fine”…is overstating things

Ok, then what would you suggest that the head coach say? I think you are just looking to be critical…Sooner fan.


First off, “traditions of college football will continue to tumble, but OSU will be just fine” wasnt a quote from Gundy. It was a statement that was posted above by the PFB staff. If Gundy said that in the post, then I missed it.

If youre asking about Gundy and his comments yesterday…I thought he was brilliant. He was engaging. He was interesting. He was entertaining. I have nothing remotely close to negative about how Gundy handled himself, his program, and everything else.

Dont just assume that because im an OU fan that I cant be impartial. Im not one of you ignorant fan boys.


Tomato slice us ok he is just like joey tho.
He does tell us uo wil ne fine. So its ok for him lol


“The blueblood that I had mentioned was the direction that I would like it to be,” said Gundy. “Someday I’m not going to be the coach at Oklahoma State, I’ll just be going and watching games, and when that happens I want Oklahoma State to be in that position.”

You first have to learn to coach championship football. It’s going to be difficult to get to the route he says he wants if he’s not winning the conference more than once. You can tell he’s excited though at the prospect of not getting beat by OU for 6-7 years in a row in the near future.

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Blah blah blah


Gundy has said multiple times that the Cowboys have put themselves in a great position regardless of what happens with conference realignment. He has said “we will be just fine” multiple times. BTW, I am not a “fan boy”. I’m a fan of Oklahoma State, the Big 12, and college football though I only comment on Oklahoma State oriented websites. If I were a "fan boy’ I would be on rival team’s websites making random comments.


Dude…I havent been critical of anything Gundy said. He is a coach. They all lie. They all spin some stories. Gundy is a seller of his program. My comment was not based on what Gundy said. I have no idea how else to say that to you.

Ok, let me ask you. As an OSU fan, are you completely confident in OSU’s football program being completely fine going fwd? With all the Conf realignment, the instability of the Big 12, the lesser programs that so far have been added…are you a little worried? Do you think the TCU, Texas Tech and Baylor people are less than sure of them being “just fine”? Im an OU fan. Its a bigtime program. Historically one of the legitimate bluebloods. Heading to the absolute dominant Conf going. Blueblood program heading to the Mecca of College football…and the ONLY thing im sure of is that OU will make more $$. I THINK theyll be ok. I THINK theyll continue to have some football success. But im dang sure nervous about it.

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I’ve tried explaining this to Roberto already. Some people can’t see the other side of it dude. Some people can only see it through the lens of orange shades, and don’t have the capability at looking at it from the other school, coach, or fan’s position.

I am confident, given the circumstances, that OSU and the Big 12 are in a strong position provided Yormark is aggressive and adds the 4 to 6 PAC teams and remains a power conference. I know the money will not be the same as the Big10 or SEC but still preferable to being left out. There is room for a third power conference and there is no doubt the Cowboys will be a part of that. Honestly, other than the money, I would prefer to not be a part of the SEC. I think both Texas and OU are in for a number of rough years while they try to retool to be competitive in that league. In fact, I think you are more likely to see OSU in the CFP before OU. So, yes, I am confident about OSU’s future.


This is the biggest bs you jave ever wrote. Everyone else is point out the other schools want to win too. Your the one thinking we should be better then everyone else.

Lol you trying to cozy up to tomato slice. I am surprised you ot thur that post only blaming me.

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I think college football is committing slow suicide. It’ll take a while, but in 20 years, college football’s popularity is going to be diminished.


I agree with you here Jake. College football is letting outsiders e.g. ESPN, FOX, et.al dictate the direction of college football. Those folks have no clue about what really makes college football so wildly popular. One of the biggest draws is the regional play and rivalries. The TV networks don’t give a rats ass about that, they only care about eyeballs watching on the boob tube. What they don’t understand is that a very large percentage of college football fans are college graduates who care only about their alma mater. They don’t care to watch anyone else unless they are playing their team or perhaps another regional team that they identify with. Once regional play/rivalries are thrown by the way side a lot of college fans will watch a lot less football and perhaps stop watching all together.


I agree with both @jake4 and @bruce4. Greed is slowly destroying what made college football special.

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I don’t agree with all of that. But it was well-stated. Good convo.

I can get on board with the fear of what’s happening right now to the sport. I hate it. I hope you’re wrong. I think cooler heads prevail in the end though and it gets straightened out.

It’s already been done. It’s been a long road to the cliff’s edge, but I think they finally shoved the last bit of college football over and to the foot of the corporate altar.


Call me a hopeless romantic……but I think it’s still salvageable. First off, it’s still football. Football is king. Any day with football is better than a day without. Secondly, it’s too much money being made for it to go away and die. As long as there are sports being played at universities…….it’ll still be popular. The NIL & portal will get fixed in my opinion. How? I don’t have that answer. Like I said I hope you’re wrong…….but I’m not naive enough to know that it’s definitely a scary time

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