Believe It or Not: On Early Bedlam Expectations and an Injury Check

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Time to reset expectations on the OL, offense and more.

We should always simply expect to lose to the Sooners, not win the Conference and simply go to a lack luster Bowl.
Expect the worst. That way we won’t continually be disappointed.


Really hoping that not only Springfield and Jenkins are close to 100%, but we get back one of Cole Birmingham or Hunter Anthony. I think I heard one of them is out for awhile longer, if not the rest of the season, but the other is getting closer to returning.

Fingers crossed, cuz we’ll need all hands on deck for Bedlam.

Love the optimism Boone! Hope it turns out to be true. If we’ve got at least Springfield and Jenkins healthy (and of course Tylan, Chuba, LD, and KHP) I’ll feel muuuuuch better about Bedlam.

Boone and Porter’s predictions the last 3 years.

    Boone.          2017.          Porter

OSU 48 - OU 45. OU 38 - OSU 33


OU 54 - OSU 17. OU 49 - OSU 17


OSU 41 - OU 38. OU 37 - OSU 20
The funny thing is they’ve been closer than ESPN.

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Well ou defense is just what sanders needs. They will make him look like a real 4 star. If yurcich wasnt calling Texas would have won. Ehlinger went 0 for 6 on 30 yrd bombs, once on 3 and 2. Didnt start call run plays for ehlinger until the 4th.

Rattler went 15-27 212 1 td 1 pic. Not great against ku. Was hurt to. Riley says he doesn’t know the rules.

Way to think good job


I like the optimism, but let me critique the points here a little:

#1- The only way this team isn’t getting smacked in Bedlam is if they can get some O-lineman back to have a decent rushing output, decent red zone offense, and not turn the ball over. You also have to have a coach that is willing to attack the weakness of the OU defense and offense. Currently, OSU doesn’t have either one of those.

If Gundy is smart he’ll use Jelani Woods as one of his main offensive weapons against OU since OU doesn’t have anyone fast or big enough to cover the middle of the field. If they want to stop this OU offense they better have one backer sticking to Rattler like rice all game long. OSU averaged 3.7 yards per carry against K State. That’s not really that good against a defense with less talented players on the defensive side of the ball compared to OU. The OU defensive front is better than what you and other are giving them credit for.

#2- I don’t know what OSU games you’ve been watching, but if this OL has done anything since the beginning of the year then it’s regressed. This brings me back to point #1. You are going to need to establish a run game against OU and stabilize offensively to keep them off the field. While the defense is good I’m not one that wants to put them in a situation like they had against Texas. OSU has showed me nothing the past two games that the OL and rushing issues are going to be fixed before Bedlam. The best thing the OU defense does is contain the run. I would like OSU’s chances better if they could at least average 4 yards per rush.

#3- While Sanders didn’t turn the ball over this past weekend this is still a potential turnover proned offense. Sanders looked indecisive at times and if it weren’t for Josh Sills being at the right place at the right time K State recovers a fumbled in OSU territory once again.

The OL can’t seem to get a consistent push either for Hubbard or Brown. Nobody outside of Wallace has shown they can really be an absolute threat in the receiving game. Yet, we’ve been told we have an “embarrassment of riches” at the receiver position.

We have a talented but also turnover prone QB, an inconsistent OL, and outside of Wallace an average receiving unit. However, you don’t seem to think it’s broken? 268 total yards of offense against a K State team that gave up 37 to WV (A team with no QB or OL) and you expect us to believe this offense isn’t broken?

I understand it’s your job to cover OSU sports in an optimistic and positive way, but it’s also okay to show some criticism every now and then so the reality of the situation can be observed in its respective manner.

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Captain obvious moment, if we are starting to use 3rd string ol then were not better. U r right on defence of ou they will get to it about what Texas did.
When Wallace went out last yr. We had a 100 reciever each game. So no.
We have alot of hurt players hope we get them back.
Rattler sure burn ku, not.
If Sanders comes out holding ball and not checking option we will have to pull him.
Yea joe way to long u really reworded same gripes over and over.

Our pistols have begun firing, fornear nothing. They fire about things like, a win of the coin toss, what uniforms we wear, Gundy’s hair or the water boys making a successful entry. We’ve also become too attached to our, “JUST WAIT 'TIL NEXT YEAR!”, battle cry.
We should set some valid expectations and stick by them. Why must we always “adjust” our expectations? It’s because our teams and staff are continually over rated. And as the seasons progress, we need to lower our expectations.
We consider our season a success, if we win more games than we lose and are bowl eligible. While big time programs consider they’ve failed, if they don’t at least win their conference championship.
Let’s face it; we have a non championship caliber program, with a non championship caliber head coach and staff. And we’ll always be stuck going to lack luster bowls.

Reality 101


Bedlam typically goes one of two ways
OU blows OSU out, wins by 20+
OSU plays OU tight but small mistakes add up and they lose by 2-3

OSU victories are rare, even when heavily favored. The only OSU blowout was 2011

OSU has its best defense in decades but the offense is hurting. OU has only two losses but feels like this is an off year for them. Offense isn’t what it was under Mayfield or Murray. Defense is good but not stout.

Prediction: Cardiac Cowboys again. Defense keeps OSU in the game, whoever wins the turnover battle wins the game.


Did I miss the memo from god, telling u guys to cry and whine. Then he will send u a coach that will recruit 15 5 stars a yr. And beat ou every time.
Have any of u been to Stillwater.
Downtown smaller then perkins.
Tallest buildings r dorms and the a&m grainery.
Smallest town in big 12.
Talk about bad calls.
Tu coach probably wish he took the first fg instead of chasing td.
Iowa st coach didnt go on a 4 and 2, down late.
Ksu has 8 lost to portal already and the coach chased one pt. In the first half.
Yurcich against ou, had 2 and 3rd went for a 30 yrd bomb(even tho ehlinger was 0for 5) didnt call ehlinger run play till the 4th quarter. Texas r have decommits and cant even sign legacy’s players.
That’s reality 501 :man_student: with logic 302 :thinking::face_with_monocle::nerd_face::cowboy_hat_face:thrown in.

So far the offense is worse than last year. The defense is pretty good but the chance of them outscoring OU’s offense is not real high. When you get to the special teams, the chance of Stoner running a punt or kick back is probably lower than me winning the lottery without buying a ticket. With no 2011 offense and no Tyreek Hill, it ain’t happening


U do know rattler is qb. 3 pic 6. Are offense will only need to score 14.

If anybody cares the mens cc won conference title. Yes I know maybe we could get their coach.:upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::money_mouth_face::innocent: least he could teach them to run. You guys are funny.:upside_down_face::hugs::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::woozy_face::exploding_head::flushed::pleading_face:

So true. Our receiving group hasn’t done squat outside of Tylan and Stoner. Is it because they can’t get open or SS is afraid to throw to them? I just don’t trust SS with the ball in his hands. He’s okay most of the time when he runs, but he scares me when he throws it. Please give Illingworth plenty of reps.

I’ve decided I’m going to reply to once you can put some kind of coherent sentence together. Consider this my last response to you until you do so.

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That’s great since I know what ur answer is anyway.

For me this feels almost like a 2009ish Bedlam game feeling. OSU was decent on defense that year, but could not move the ball with an injured Zac Robinson playing all game long and no Dez Bryant.

OU was 6-5 playing a freshman QB and the only thing keeping them in games that season was defense. OU won that game 27-0 by the way. I won’t be surprised if we were to see a similar result on November 21st.

OU has scored 52.5 points per game the last four games.

OSU has scored 31.2 points per game the last four games.

I doubt OSU defense (even though they are good) is going to hold OU to 14 points or less. I also doubt that the defense is going to score three touchdowns to make up for what OSU is calling an “offense” on the field.

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