Big 12 Has Reportedly Formed Subgroup to Explore Expansion

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Could the Big 12 add and stay together?

Ole Bob should have been doing this at first

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Expand. Make up some lost tv revenue by scheduling power 4 teams for all pre-conference games. Add either 2 or 4 teams. I don’t like 14 team conferences.


Will will need 8 teams to even come close to make 20 million tv deal.

First thought, For those of us who live or had lived (me) in a corporate environment task force/subgroups are how business is done so nothing earth shattering with that, In fact should have been one of the first things that was done when this whole s##t show started. Second thought: I wonder if this was Oliver Lucks idea.

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The next TV deal is important, but it won’t be as important as it has historically been.

We are headed to a subscription-based model whereby each school will receive a pro-rata portion of the eyeballs they bring to the screen. It is a pretty simple concept, but “Big XII+” could ask subscribers which school is of primary interest. That school then receives a percentage of subscription. Maybe that’s too simplified, but you get the idea.

Would love to see the OSU Alumni Association begin an effort to identify friends, family, alumni that would support the Cowboys in this way. Be pretty impressive to say we have 250,000 households ready to subscribe to this when it becomes available…

Finally, I’ll take this pipe-dream a step further: the Big XII could become entrepreneurial and build the broadcast platform themselves. Stream games and other programs themselves – rather than through an ESPN or a FOX or an Amazon. Sell the advertising and keep the profits.


By the way, with such a platform, there is no downside to expansion, i.e. a Memphis or a Cincinnati doesn’t chew up 1/12th of the TV revenue – they earn what they bring.

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This subgroup is just rearranging chairs on the Titanic.


I think they should go with 12 teams if the other conferences decide not to expand significantly. Seems like enough and it’s manageable. I can see WV leaving to the ACC. You can add Houston, BYU, Boise State, Cincinnati, and SMU to the conference.

I don’t really see much value in adding Tulsa to the mix, but if you can get BYU on board that would be great. Just create two divisions and hold a championship game like the Big 12 used to do.

North Division:

Cincinnati, Boise State, BYU, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State

South Division:

Oklahoma State, TCU, SMU, Texas Tech, Baylor, Houston

I think this might be the likely scenario if expansion isn’t considered by other conferences within the next year or two.

16 or bust

If Cincinnati joins, then West Virginia will not leave as they have a travel partner. Invite Houston, Cincinnati, Boise State and BYU. Boise State’s academics overall are a concern, but theirs is better than Memphis.

But Memphis has Bar BQ!

We aren’t Harvard or asking them to do a quiz bowl.
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I thought u would have picked Graceland. Do they have :goat: in Memphis

If we end up in a conference with Memphis, it will be my number one destination. In fact, I think we should play there every time. Memphis dry rub brisket smoked over hickory with one fork full of slaw to keep my mother happy, oh and 5 gallons of sweet tea.

Memphis, UCF, Cincinnati, and Houston. All are top 30 markets. Then be bold and talk to the Arizona schools, colorado and utah to make 16.

I hate to agree with a gloomy outlook, but without the pedigree of big name schools I don’t see much point in trying to inflate the Big 12 into something respectable. Nobody who would realistically join helps us keep the Power 5 label and the money gap will become insurmountable. It’s asinine that Texas is ranked, that they think they can rebuild in the SEC, and think more money will help them get back to their golden years which apart from the stars aligning for once in 2005 was 50 freaking years ago - and yet they print money and always get the benefit of the doubt. We’re more Oregon than Clemson, but they both needed an established yardstick to be measured against. Sad part is we did it - but then squinky (that Cthulhu sized bad luck monster that delights in our misery) buzzkilled our dominance of Texas. By rights we’ve won our respect, but inexplicably Texas steals it away with money, illusions, and the shadow of those obnoxious land thieves almost always finding a way to Lucy the ■■■■ football on us. Good grief I need a drink.


I would contact Nebraska and Colorado with the idea that they would be able to carry the conference.

I have not seen many people talk about how conference realignment will be influenced by the emerging NIL era. I think conferences looking to expand would be wise to prioritize schools with wealthy and engaged alumni bases to pay players. Those are the schools that will start winning recruiting wars over the next decade. I think SMU, Houston, and BYU all fit in that mold and would be good adds if we do not sneak in one of the Power 4.

In that same vein, the post-NIL era is going to be very bad for OU and will come at the exact same time their competition ramps up in the SEC. OU is a great program but they do not have the money to swing with schools like Texas, Alabama, and A&M in a recruiting world where you can pay the players. OU’s alumni base is less than half the size of Texas’ and not nearly as wealthy. In fact, if SMU could revive their infrastructure from the 80s, they too would be able to outbid OU and OSU for recruits.

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That’s true, SMU is about to become the 33rd pro team. They may drop academics and just start paying players to only play sports. Those oil men need a tax right off anyways.

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