Big 12 Reportedly in 'Deep Discussions' to Add Multiple Pac-12 Schools to League Membership

We know you sleep under them.

I dnt even think about gundy. You on the other hand speak about he all the time

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When you make excuses for him you think about him.

Again chasing your tail. I have never made excuses.

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No one wi break Gundys record anyway you imbecile, we will be lucky to keep one around that long for it to happen…… we are throwing more money at football as of now. We will see where it takes us. I hope you stay with your Bears bandwagon

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Honestly I would keep Cincinnati and dump UCF and WVU

Lmao okay. It’s not like you completely blamed Jackson or the defense for the loss (even though the defense was literally the best unit on the field that day). You didn’t utter one single word about Gundy or how chitty the play calling was on offense during the Big 12 championship game. Keep going ahead and saying you don’t make excuses.

Naming things that was not good, like 17 straight pass, is not an excuse. Asking a player to do what he is intend to do is not an excuse. Daily you surprise me. I never could think you could say anything stupider.
So you excuses for osu is the play calling that the players can execute.
Your looking to blame gundy. Thats fine, but i think the team should take some of the blame. Poor execution and play decisions is things that happen. I know that all goes on gundy. Your mind only works one way
Ess backward

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You’re right. Let’s forget about all the other great things they did trying to hold an offense to less than 21 points that didn’t even have to go 100 yards to get them. :roll_eyes:

Asking a coach to do what he’s intended to do is what should be happening.

Putting players in a poor position to do the things they don’t excel at is nonsense. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

Ur making excuses to prove your point. Hey joy your rite its been a long time since we won a prime time big game before last year. Like the last game we played against maimi. Your an indiot

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I would probably still keep West Virginia, but I see your point. However, I suspect it would be more difficult contractually to boot a school that has not yet entered the conference than one that is already a member.

The ACC grant of rights appears to me the main thing standing in the way of further consolidation. Is it possible for the Big XII and SEC to work together to each poach teams from the ACC? If fewer than half of the ACC teams remain, would that not be enough of a change in circumstance to dissolve the grant of rights obligations for the defectors?

I would imagine the SEC badly wants Clemson and Florida State but those schools cannot afford to ditch the ACC for many years, assuming the ACC still exists. The Big XII could help them out by adding ACC teams that make financial sense for the Big XII but not the SEC. Big 10 could help both out too by adding Notre Dame and possibly another ACC school. The issue would be making the Big XII rich enough that schools like Virginia Tech would feel okay leaving the weakened ACC for the Big XII. A good start would be replacing UCF and Cincinnati with Oregon and Washington.

Imagine a conference with the existing 8 committed Big XII schools, plus 9. Houston; 10. BYU; 11. Oregon; 12. Washington; 13. Utah; 14. Virginia Tech; 15. Louisville; 16. North Carolina State.

That lineup could be even stronger depending on whether the Big XII could talk the other two conferences into letting them take Miami and/or North Carolina.

There are a ton of very valuable brands remaining in the ACC, PAC 12 and Big 12. OSU is one of those brands. All of those schools have the same two problems.

  1. The Big 10 and SEC have gotten so valuable with the additions of UT/OU and Southern Cal/UCLA that any addition to those two conferences would have to bring a ton to the table to justify giving them a slice of the pie. Of the remaining schools, Notre Dame and Clemson are the only two that I think are slam dunks for being on that level.

  2. The remaining strong brands in the PAC, Big XII, and ACC are saddled to stinkers like Boston College, Oregon State, Kansas, etc. that drag down their revenue.

The ideal solution for schools situated like OSU would be to consolidate with similarly situated schools in the ACC/PAC 12 while also ditching the dead weight. That will be a complicated and multi-year process and who knows what it will actually look like, but I have to imagine that the money will eventually pull things in that direction.

There are simply too many valuable schools remaining outside the Big 10 and SEC and not enough incentive for those two conferences to add those schools for there to only be two strong conferences. There is a ton of money to be lost by a ton of groups if 18 valuable brands, like OSU, are relegated to D2 status.

Playing against Miami two years ago isn’t the same as playing Miami twenty years ago. Get over yourself!!! It’s funny that you even think of that as a prime time game.

They were a ranked team in prime time. You my firend is the one hugging urslef.

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Miami had a good year, beat a lot of good teams. They were being built up for the next year to maybe make the playoffs you moron…. You are never right joy , you just throw chit against the wall

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Is this the same Miami team that was missing their two best defensive players in the bowl game?

The same Miami team that got beat 62-26 by UNC and barely got by VT, NC State, and Virginia? And you have the audacity to say they were prepping to be a playoff team? So who’s the moron here? :point_up:

Joy don’t use the injuries BS , Coach better is what you said when we played the CC game you imbecile… don’t you remember your own words. You change your chit around as much as you lie

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Coach better on offense. When you know you’re down a starting lineman and your star running back it might be a good idea to not run the same exact thing. Then again Gundy did tell us at the beginning of the season “We’re going to do the same thing we’ve always done!!” :man_shrugging:

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See you change it around to fit your dumb ideas joy… what difference does it make if it’s D or O ? You are still an idiot, guess that Lazyboy is getting warm huh

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He doesnt need to tell us. We know he will do the same thing every year. WIN AND WIN AGAIN.
How you like them apples joy

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