Big 12 Schedule: Three Hurdles OSU Needs to Overcome to Beat Baylor in 2022

Originally published at: Big 12 Schedule: Three Hurdles OSU Needs to Overcome to Beat Baylor in 2022 | Pistols Firing

The Bears are filthy along both sides of the line of scrimmage.

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Simple. Don’t turn the ball over.

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Pretty sad when a backup Baylor QB has 5 TDs and 0 INTs against us, and Sanders had 0 TDs and 4 INTs against them. Not including the 1 TD and 3 INTs Sanders had in the first matchup. Very telling. No wonder we can’t win a conference championship. Sanders is trash.

Did you forget who our QB is? That statement falls on deaf ears with him.

He was still first team all conference last year.


Who else was there??? lol. That comment is as dumb as people who say they voted “against Trump” instead of “for Biden”. Look where we are??? Same applies.

I wouldn’t have him start my pop warner team… Even as a college QB against middle schoolers and grade schoolers.

The backup that supplanted their starter so their starter had to transfer? Brandon Weeden was behind Alex Cate. Just because he had a higher number on their depth chart doesn’t mean he was the worse player.

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You are obviously missing the point. After 16 years of recruiting Sanders is the kind of trash Gundy has as a starter. As he is returning for a 4th year… pathetic.


You wouldn’t start Sanders after what he did to Notre Dame? 371 passing 125 rushing 4 TDS. Would it make you feel better if OSU started Gunnar Gundy?

As far as Trump/Biden: Trump withheld weapons for Ukraine and then tried to destabilize NATO…where would we be if Europe was truly treated by Russia.

Are gas prices too high for you? I have oil & gas royalties….don’t you?

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time. So what, he won a meaningless game against a team that didn’t play their best 2 players because they left for the draft. And we still only won by 2. Look at the meaningful games. Conference championship perhaps???

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. We don’t need to send them anything at all. NOTHING. We need to take care of our own country. NATO is just a money laundering organization and pretty much meaningless.

Our bowl game was meaningless? It was one of 4 bowl games matching top ten teams. “We only won by two”? Baylor only beat us by 5. We only beat OU by 4? In beating ND in the biggest comeback in OSU history and then state that, means you don’t care about the program. All you care about is your own agenda. You are not a real fan.

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Keep watching your FOX news….lDlOT!

Lol dude i like your analysis on the football team.

But, yes they didnt vote for biden the voted not to have trump.

Why did Ukraine need weapons when trump was in office.

Trump told Europe not to build the pipe line. That enriches putin. Trump told nato to spend more on military. Both of these things have came back and bite them in the ess.

Biden made a debacle of Afghanistan. Coward to putin. And cant even fly a ole hag into Taiwan.

Yes yea rite everything is great.

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Yes, it was meaningless. Again, their best 2 players didn’t play. Lol. What do we have to show for it? No conference championship. No playoffs. ND obviously gave up because the game was meaningless. Every single bowl game other than the final four is worthless. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. We will see what they do this year. It would be different if the ND game was on par with what Sanders does every week. But it wasn’t. It was against a depleted team and the win is nothing. Sanders is horrible and he is very consistent at turning the ball over. Win a conference championship and then we can talk. Otherwise, the season is a failure. Gundy has been there long enough that a Fiesta Bowl win should be the norm. But it isn’t. He will never win anything worthwhile again. He has 1 Big Twelve Championship in 16 years. Pathetic.

It probably had nothing to do with the 55 executive orders Biden signed on day one that reversed almost every single policy that Trump had enacted. Yeah, had nothing to do with it. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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You have Blinders on and aren’t being at all realistic. Keep bragging on 12-2 all while never winning anything. Makes perfect sense. At least I strive for better. You are completely happy with middle of the road.

Q:Why did Ukraine need weapons while Trump was in office?
A:why does The USA need weapons during peace time? Why was the Cold War a stalemate? Both sides had enough weapons to destroy the other.
You say Biden is a coward to Putin. You do realize Trump never spoke out against Putin or Russia in office.
Keep watching your FOX news if you don’t want to know.

Bless your little heart.

You’re an idiot. Trashing one of our players when he’s following the game plan devised by the coaching staff.

Sanders threw 7 of his 12 interceptions last year in games versus Baylor. The reasons? 1. He was running for his life due to Baylor’s constant pressure overwhelming the offensive line and 2. Baylor’s secondary continually switched coverage schemes.

The problem was the lack of in-game adjustments on our offensive side. Dunn and Gundy so far have no answer to Aranda’s defensive scheme.

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A depleted ND team? They had 1 player out on defense. Foskey played. You will never change your tune. You are not a fan, just a critic.

Kirk Ferentz at Iowa has only 2 championships in his 23 years.

Eddie Sutton only won 2 regular season championships in 16 years.