Big 12 Schedule: Three Hurdles OSU Needs to Overcome to Beat Baylor in 2022

Your a stupid loser.

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I think it would be hilarious if you had to watch a season with Gunnar Gundy starting at OSU. How much fun it would be to see your ignorant rants.

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I dnt want to make this political.

Trump held weapons. He did send them. Biden did the same thing. So lets not confuse the issues.

Did you see where trump pulled putin in when they shaked hands. Epoch. Biden does a bro bunch at best.

I see you drop the nato crap. Why did russia invade? 1st no trump. 2nd biden ( the joke). 3rd nato coward to let in Ukraine. Will they leave finland and Sweden out to hang.

I saw the cold war. I saw a weaker leader in russia get out played by Kennedy and reagon. Pay back is a butch, we have biden.

Nordstrom paid for the Ukraine war. Biden open tge gates.


Keep watching Fox if you want to be ignorant.

I’m not saying Gunnar is the answer at all. I’m saying that it is pathetic that Sanders is our go to after 16 years. And I don’t care what other programs have done. I am concerned with Gundy being completely out coached in almost every game. Even games we win. Look at the two prior years before last year. Not that great. And even if Gundy stays consistent, he would still end up with 2 conference titles in 32 years and 0 playoffs. Oh man, imagine being happy with that. Goes back to retards not knowing they are retarded, yet they are the happiest people on the planet. Now I have a picture of you in my head.

You’re a stupid loser. There, corrected it for you. I guess third grade spelling isn’t your thing.

I actually watch and read other news outlets and then wait for the corrections when their stories turn out to be falsified with inaccurate information.

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Im glad for you that you got oil royalties, biden is good for you.

But, putin is not stalin or hitler. He doesnt want war with the west. He does know what the west will let him have.

I do watch fox utubes along with other lib. You definitely have a bent view. Do you watch the view. Next you will tell me holocaust wasnt race based and gender is not sex based. Do man have babies?


Like shooting Republicans at a baseball practice is not a threat to democracy but a few people milling around the capital is.
Or jessie was attacked by white guys.

And Rittenhouse was shooting blacks.

Why is Hillary’s attorney up for charges over the fake russian deal.

The list is endless



Which is why they need to go too. Gundy is done.


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We haven’t even told chris that crackhead biden is in trouble

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Gotta love it when a sports thread goes political :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:


If beating Texas OU and Notre Dame are meaningless to you, then you are not a fan at any level.
You say only playoff matters, and when we go and get beat by Alabama 31-13, then you are going to complain more.
Do you realize when the last team to win a National Championship without winning a previous one was? A: Florida 1996.
No one else has been able to break into that exclusive club. But you think it’s so easy.

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1 conference championship in 16 years… And since when has Texas been a powerhouse??? lol

And Gundy is 3-13 against OU. Don’t start bragging on that win yet. Again, without a conference championship then big deal. But, you are happy with the status quo, so 6-32 is awesome if Gundy stays another 16 years. PLEASE GOD DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN. Sorry that my takes are rooted in facts, numbers, and logic. It is super hard for liberals to understand things like that.

And keep in mind that Hamilton was the number 14 overall pick…at safety… If he had played then Sanders would have had multiple interceptions.

He wouldn’t understand anyway.

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And Ray Epps is the victim…

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When you prepare on offense like you’re getting ready to play Kansas instead of the #9 team in the nation (without Warren and an offensive line starter) then expect some chit to go wrong. I’m not saying that Sanders shouldn’t have played better, but he also had no running game the entire game to relieve him of any pressure.

He also had several times where pass protection wasn’t there for him. There were almost no designed runs for him either. Sanders is not a pure pocket passing QB (Like Rudolph or Weeden) and Gundy and Dunn need to stop acting like that’s what she should or will be. It’s obvious he plays better in an uptempo pace.

The defense was obviously not up to par on some occasions in that game, but they played well enough to give OSU the win while the offense decided to stink it up the entire game. You can’t expect a defense to be up every single game. Eventually you have to have a well thought out offensive plan to compliment the other side. Like I said, I think Sanders should’ve played better, but I don’t see this entirely being his fault.


Thats rite we prepare for all our games like were playing kanasa. Its a crap game. Can we roll a 7. More blah blah blah from lil joy.


I enjoy beating Texas even when they suck. I also enjoyed beating ou in the 90s when they sucked. It never gets old.
6-32 where did you come up with that? 38 games vs OU? He would have stay another 20 seasons.
Truth is Gundy is 3-14 vs OU. You don’t even know how many seasons Gundy has coached but you spout facts, numbers and logic.

I’m not a liberal or a democrat. I just realize Trump is the most corrupt and lying president the USA has ever had.

So you are going to play the what if game (even though that’s not rooted in facts) with ND S Hamilton.
Then what if Warren played vs Baylor. I guarantee you would have scored at the goal line.

You hate Gundy, but he’s still coaching, and I think it’s funny that you can’t stand it.