Blue Origin Rocket Launch

Anyone watching Wally from OSU take Jeff Bezos into space this morning? I think it’s kind of interesting…

15 minute mark now.

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I didn’t watch it live, but have been watching updates on the news. That’s so cool that she did that at 82! I guess I hadn’t paid much attention about who everyone was till this morning because I didn’t realize Wally was an OSU alum till this morning. That makes it even more special. They need to get her to a football game this fall to recognize her.


Absolutely. I think it’s so amazing that she was passed over in the 1960s but still made her dream come true!

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Just a funny:


Me too. They’re interviewing her on a news show right now, and she’s a hoot! I hope I have that much energy and enthusiasm for life at 82. It is so cool to see her finally get to achieve one of her lifelong dreams at this age.

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Weird, another non-sports thread. If only there was one space for all the non-sports comments…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

@GeoPoke I don’t know what point you’re trying to prove. The other thread divulged into politics. I said that wasn’t going to fly, and I deleted it. Never did I say people couldn’t talk about non-sports.


Vaccines are political?

They certainly turned political in that thread, yes. It turned into people arguing and it getting out of hand.


Facts are different from opinion and are easy to police because they can be checked. It’s also easy to identify aggressors. My bone to pick is that general conversation about the state of our society should not be discouraged. It toes the line of shut up and dribble.

You’re a company and you have the right to run it how you see fit (same way as FB has a right to limit posts), but you’ll have to get rid of me before I stop trying to share content that can help people, stand up for folks who get criticized for doing the same, or for those attcked by misogynists.

So you want me to spend my whole day verifying posts on vaccines? I simply cannot do that. I have stuff I must get done. I understand your concern, and if you’d like to DM me potential solutions, I’m down to listen. But shutting down the thread was the easiest way to limit personal attacks, and I don’t feel bad about that.


It seems to be there’s enough time to shut down anything related to vaccines.

I get that you’re writing, but to just stymie conversation out of ease makes me think there’s better ways to go about moderation. I adamantly agree that some comments are out of line but what happened last week has caused me (and I presume others) to not be in here. Once you break the habit, PFB becomes an afterthought and I know that’s not your intent.

I’m asking for the space to allow general discourse without being shut down based on a topic and those causing the issues to be reprimanded.

good luck with that, there is a reason people are thinning out


Not going to leave without speaking my peace. All I want to do is pay to discuss more things going on outside my window than rehashing why I dislike Gundo. The actions of a few have taken that away and maybe that’s a sign to go elsewhere. 🤷 I like folks in here because they’re Pokes and I want to discuss life events and social acts and the like with them. My echo chambers make me feel good but I appreciate arguing over taxes and policy in here because I know it’s not an echo chamber.

At least in here no one can hold a Bedlam football record over my head to hurt my feelings.

Ideally this would be a fun place for civil discourse. It seems to devolve each time for various reasons and can’t blame Marshall for shutting it down. Most of us like to think we can calmly and logically discuss various complicated subjects. In reality few can and those conversations going well seemed to get derailed by people intentionally being disruptive. It sadly seems to be a net loss to the forum for those conversations to be attempted.

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That’s giving in to the bullies and I think a concerted effort to get our space back is necessary, esp. if those people won’t get reprimanded.

Ultimately what will happen is we all leave. This has honestly caused me to feel apart from this community, which sucks.

Just ban the bullies. Problem will be fixed.

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And some of us like paying for something where we don’t have to see what gets regurgitated on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a sports blog for heaven’s sake.


Frankly, I think a good chunk could have been banned already if “bullies” were kicked out.