Bob Stoops Says OSU Leaving Big 12 with OU Last Decade Was 'Likely'

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Stoops says he is is pro-Oklahoma … to a point.

Bob, seriously, just shut up. You don’t give a dam about OSU. You’re just an OU PR man.


Jarrod is Right On! Stoops is just an 0-u PR man!


Please get Stoops off of PFB. Immediately. If I want to ready about Sooners, I’ll go find a website.


I’ve avoided ever posting on this site because it’s an OSU site and y’all should have that for yourselves. I have come to this site over the years to read the articles and get the OSU perspective. I find the articles well written and most of the authors on this site to be objective (or at least as much as they can given their audience) It’s usually quite comical to see some of the posts… particularly when it’s an OU article. But this last few weeks I’ve witnessed Poke fan after Poke fan melting down. My two older brothers were both die hard OSU alum and bled orange. Nothing better to have bedlam arguments at the Christmas table. They both passed away several years ago but would have been so excited to see what the team has done the last ten years… but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be crying like little girls cause OU didn’t ask them to the prom. All I’ve ever heard from Poke fan is how they are tired of living in OU’s shadow. Well here is your big chance… let your school figure it out and your team step up to the plate. Put up or shut up time. Stop being mad at OU for taking care of business and handle yours. I personally echo Stoops in his affinity for OSU athletics. It’s a great program and the future is bright. There was a time when I was young that thought was laughable. But the reality is OSU is a program on the rise. It’s a freaking sport and if we all loved the same team it wouldn’t be any fun.


Thank you for your post, Watermelon. It shows much more character than the team you follow. But Sooners still don’t get it. It’s not what you did, it’s the WAY you did it. Classless stab you in the back typical sooner methods. But don’t worry about us it’s going to be a great Cowboy future not having sooners around to call us little brother or little girls. At oSu it’s business but it’s more than JUST business it’s a family and this family has been through big fires together and we made it through each one stronger and more resilient. So go make your $ and see your wins get farther apart. The Athletic sports at oSu are in great shape in every sport and guided by sound leaders. We are excited for what’s to come for America’s brightest Orange! Loyal and True. GO POKES!!!


Honest discussion here. You say its “the WAY you did it” that is the issue. Tell me how you think it shouldve been done? The proposed exit date is 2025. THATS 4 YEARS NOTICE.

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Thats if they leave then I heard January

If they leave earlier, it will be due to the Conf falling apart more than it already has (other teams leaving like KU, OSU, Tech, Iowa St)

So u think they will not pay the money. They have the money the sooner they go that faster they make the big money.
Does riley want to stay in the big 12 and not go to the playoffs or do it in the sec. At least he would have an excuse. Rite.

“So you think they will not pay the money” OU will not write a massive check to get out for next year. The only way OU has to pay a huge amount will be if the remaining 8 stay in tact thru 2025. That isnt happening. All of the schools are burning up the phones to get outta this thing asap too. Once these other schools start leaving. the payout will drop drastically. Thats what OU will do.

“Does Riley want to stay in the Big 12 and not go to the playoffs” Riley and OU have made 4 of the 7 playoffs so far. So they have not had any trouble getting into the playoffs in the Big 12.

Last year with out the drug squad they lost to ksu which cost them the playoff. When they lose to lsu and a&m they can say they lost to good teams unless they lose the msu.
Dude I’m just helping u get a costume to sec.

See Rob, when I try to give you the benefit of the doubt and actually have a legitimate discussion with you…you cant help from saying really, really dumb stuff. Let me say this again…OU WILL LOSE MORE GAMES BY GOING INTO THE SEC. THEY WILL SEE AN 8-4. THEY WILL FIND THE TREADING MUCH TOUGHER. THEY ALSO WILL WINA BUNCH OF GAMES AND WILL FIND THEMSELVES IN THE PLAYOFF HUNT MORE OFTEN THAN NOT. If this was a 4 team playoff…i dont think this move wouldve been made. Now that its a 12 teamer…pretty sure theyll be in the hunt. OU made 4 of the 7 Playoffs so far. The other 3 Playoffs they missed out on…they were ranked #6 in one and #7 in another. They wouldve made 6 of 7. So going forward, theyll be in the hunt. They arent all of a sudden going to forget how to be a bigtime program, even if they are mixing in an 8-4…which could be good enough to get you into the 12 team playoff

In a 12 team playoff no 8 and 4 team will go.
The plan is 6 will go to conference winners. Next 4 would go to power five seconds. Is 8 and 4 going to finish in the top 4 of the sec. Anyway this will still be for the top 4 teams. With the others play an extra game. No way will the top for lose. Sure the next 8 get more money.

My problem with Texas and their b itch team OU is they’ve made all the decisions that have crippled this conference like not expanding or no big12 network, then leave because the conference sucks. Y’all wanted to be the only two making decisions, well I can’t wait till Alabama b itch slaps you and tells you no.

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Again dude, you continue to say dumb stuff. Here are the teams with 4 losses in the last 6 years. In ( ) is the final ranking. So yeah…4 losses will likely get you in the playoffs. YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN

2020: Florida 8-4 (7) Finished 2nd in the Sec
2019: Wisconsin 10-4 (11)
2018: Texas 10-4 (9)
Kentucky 10-3 (12) Finished 3rd in the SEC
2017: Auburn 10-4 (10) Finished 2nd in the SEC
2016: Florida 9-4 (13) Finished 2nd in the SEC
2015: Michigan 10-3 (12)

We said 8 and 4
4 of those would be divisional teams which I said they would go. That would have included the only 8 and 4 team u had on their. I am positive u really dnt know what 8 or dumb means.

Not expanding, didnt serve those 2 well. It was what was best for those 2 schools, which at the end of the day I do not fault. Thats who all of these programs should be looking out for.

Big 12 Network…that I agree with you on. Really bad move on the leagues part, largely due to OU and Texas.

OU and Texas used this Conf to their benefit for as long as they needed it. They do not now. But, the other 8 schools made the deals with those 2 programs back in 2010. They knew what power and leverage OU and Texas had and did not want to lose them. The other 8 shouldve at least had an inkling that this was a possibility

Well I for one am not crying like a little girl. OU did OSU and many others dirty and doesn’t deserve to be on the same sports field as OSU plain and simple. Ohhh and by the way there are 7 other universities that feel the same way about OU as we do. The good news is that you have all those other 7 universities sports blogs/fourms/etc to try your BS gaslighting on. So please have your fun there since no one cares to listen to you here.

Gas lighting? Lol. I see a handful of you commenting on these articles nearly every day. I come to read your comments because it’s hilarious to see them. Most of these comments wreak of a jealous 5 year old. (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!) You guys come here to this site because your surrounded by other like minded members of your fan base. You need to be comforted cause you didn’t get to go to the store with bubba. You don’t want to be confronted with how things really work. You want to pretend all your problems are because of OU. OU isn’t the reason the rest of the big 12 is unwatchable. Schools like OSU, Tech, Kansas, TCU, and Baylor are the very reason the Big 12 can’t get a better TV deal to begin with. You don’t seriously think OU and Texas are the issue with TV ratings? Nobody wants to keep watching OU dominate the rest of the big 12 teams. (Except me… I rather enjoy owning this conference year and year out) You all can feel free to rip me and my posts cause that’s what you do to cope… misery loves company.