Boone: Five Predictions for OSU Football in the 2021 Season

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On QB1, Brennan Presley and more.

I will go with them, there not to wild. Number 1 is the only thing I want to see. I’m sure we are not going to see him throw 450 passes. If he gets to 350 we know he made it through the season. Get close to 400 we are looking good.

Sanders All Big-12 ???
Would love to see it but highly skeptical.

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It’s not that far fetched. 2 or 3 less screw ups he could have been in the championship game. And at 1 loss the playoffs. They do value wins.

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I’m most excited about our defensive line – both in quality and depth. Our two-deep looks awesome on paper and doesn’t even include Collin Clay (who I am convinced will make an impact).

Want to have stars at LB and the secondary? Start with a dominant D-line!


Both o and d lines do get over looked alot in football. Ur rite thats where it starts.

“Ifs and buts”… The story of OSU football


I know what ur saying. I was just stating he being as bad as he was, was still not that far off.
I’m not accepting him to be an all american but the lil things(if fix) will make a better team.

He finishes right where Gundy has averaged.
But what do you expect from the coach with the most losses in Bedlam history.

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I’m sorry ur goats r not “need” ur attention rite now. With a new season coming up ur freaking out.
Why dnt u hold off until we get r second lose in conference.
Just let use normal people have some enjoyment of a new season.
Does ur heart monitor go crazy too.

I’m predicting 4 loses in conference so let’s get this season started.

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Well that’s great. Still 5 wins thats another 8 win season then 9 with r motor city bowl win.
So who r these 4 teams u speak of.

TCU, Baylor, KSU, and OU are my predictions.

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Maybe a 5th to ISU

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Gundy is 3-6 on conference openers over his last 9,so there’s 1.
Gundy is 1-2 against all the teams in Texas the last 3 years. I think he’ll improve on that record so I think he’ll win at least 2 of those and since Iowa State is supposed to be good, I think he goes 1-2 against Texas, Iowa State and TCU. That makes 3
We all know when it comes to losing to OU, with Gundy it’s a sure thing. That makes 4 loses.

Now ur just throwing names out.

I’m just naming teams we generally have lost to the last 4 years and OU.

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I think since ksu should have Skylar back there offense will be better. Other then that no one will be better then they were last year, maybe ou( suppose to be).

That proves my point ur just throw names out like spit wads to see if any stick to the wall.

We’re not supposed to be as good as last year after losing all our receivers and Hubbard plus our one lineman.