Boone: Five Storylines I'm Watching as Fall Camp Gets Underway for OSU Football

Originally published at: Boone: Five Storylines I'm Watching as Fall Camp Gets Underway for OSU Football | Pistols Firing

Fall training camp officially gets underway on Wednesday.

These are all good things. With every one healhty. The oline will be better and makibg the others better.
Mite keep a eye on linebakers


O-line is going to be the key. That will determine rather we’re 8-4 or back in the big 12 championship.

  1. Will Gundy make the conference title game?

  2. Will Gundy finally get his second conference title?

  3. Will we have an OL that can provide good enough pass protection and rush blocking?

  4. Will they make changes to the playbook?

  5. Will Gunnar Gundy grow a mullet?

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Will joy and jug elope in the sunset

Will joy actually say something new

Will jug shovel more chit this year.

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I really expected more than that joy… you’ve become tame and lame

Replacing LBers will be the biggest challenge. You watch Malcom on every play and he was in the mix somewhere

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These are all legitimate questions wether you like it or not.

Really are they tho. The first 3 are questions you can ask, but once, not daliy.

You dnt understand the offense so the playbook is not a subject you should talk about.

Why would it matter who grows a mullet. You dnt talk about other hairdos

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I don’t think anyone understands the offense. Even the players because it seems to be dicked up. What do you mean why does it matter who grows a hairdo? That’s what we’re known for. It’s not like we’re known for winning conference titles or being picked in the preseason to win it.

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There you go joy, that tells you what kind of a fan you are. Essentially question to be asked daily " hows everyone here".

Joy one minute your telling us gundy is hold back the offense then you tell us we dnt have a play book. Are you really that stupid you cant see your double talk. Did your mom check with doctors about your split personality.

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See joy you are so obsessed with Gundy you even hate his kid …hairdos, that’s a bird brained item outa your peanut sized head. Who cares what the hair is ? You aren’t wearing it, maybe you should throw that in a bet ?!?!

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The only thing Sanders has been consistent at for 4 years is turning the ball over and making horrible passes. Any sort of pressure and the kid loses all composure and turns into a turnover machine. Hell, sometimes I wonder if he is color blind. I think it is safe to say that this year is going to be a rough, rough season. Way too many unknowns and too many new players. But, based on recent conversations, most sheeple here are happy with a 6 win season and a bowl game. I’m not. Bowls are meaningless anymore. The quicker the new AD realizes Gundy will never be capable of winning anything including the word “championship”, the better OSU football will be.

I think the playbook will be quite different this year . Probably pretty vanilla until we play Baylor .

I’d like us to get back to some of the trick plays and fake punt fashion like we did early in Gundy’s career . Why do we have a rugby punter if we’re not going to let him throw at least once ?

Yes the offense will be alot different. I think sanders was the only player that didnt miss any plays for injuries.

Joy doesnt understand how have 30 guys running plays disrupt execution.

If we start the year with minimal injuries we will be 2 months ahead of last year.

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Im not going to argue sanders had troubles. He has got better in all aspects of the game. Half of last year was on the team going thur injuries and growing pains.

Im sorry you cant see that. The 2 baylor games really we bad for him and i hope what ever it was were address it.

Back to reality qbs turn the ball over.

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Checked Poke football records. I find no 6 win seasons with bowl games. I find five 7 win seasons with bowl games under Coach Gundy. Les Miles had a 7 win season and bowl game (a loss). Miles left Gundy with a ton of work to do. And turned out to be a really sick human being. Ask LSU. Don’t ask Kansas.

Bob Simmons did much worse in 6 seasons.

Pat Jones had eleven years and a lot of memorable losing seasons, including his last 6 years in a row. Very memorable 1991. Look it up.

Jimmy Johnson had five seasons, 3 of them losing. Hired away by Miami.

Jim Stanley had six seasons, mostly losing.

Maybe you’re hankering for the previous coaches, like Dave Smith (one season, 6-5), Floyd Gass (never a winning season in 3 years), Phil Cutchin (5 seasons, never a winning season), Cliff Speegle (eight seasons, with two winning years with 6 wins each)…I could go on but it’s pretty much the same coach after coach.

Until Coach Gundy. Yeah, I’m pretty darn happy with his performance in gradually building a program of consistent significance upon a foundation of a century of crap.


I never said Gundy had a 6 win season. I said 6 games because that is the requirement to get to a bowl. As long as OSU makes a bowl then most morons are happy. I want conference championships. Period. Go away and let the adults talk.

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QBs do turn the ball over. It’s just that ours does it A LOT! Look at Bryce Young. He had what, 47 TDs and like 7 INTs? Sanders had 7 INTs against one team. that’s pathetic. Sanders has 50 TDs and 31 INTs in 3 years. That isn’t even a 2:1 ratio. Now, I am not saying that we have to have Young, or that there isn’t a drastic difference between the teams. BUT, that is the caliber of talent out there and Sanders is the best we can do??? Hell, Young almost had the same number of TDs in 1 year than Sanders has had in his entire OSU career. He needs to take his nappy hair and get in the portal. Hopefully he will get drafted by the Browns so they can ruin another QB and we never have to hear about him again. He’s a joke.

Gradually??? At this rate we should win another conference title around 2050 and then make the playoffs around 2075. Yeah, great job!

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