Boone: Five Storylines I'm Watching as Fall Camp Gets Underway for OSU Football

Actually that’s exactly what you said. I pulled your exact quote.


Here is my exact quote moron.

But, based on recent conversations, most sheeple here are happy with a 6 win season and a bowl game.

You must be a libtard.

Such an adult thing to say.


Meaning, as long as Gundy goes to a bowl, which requires 6 wins, 5 in some instances, then they will be happy and think he is the greatest coach to live. I personally think he is a horrible coach no matter how many bowls he goes to.

You must have someone in mind as a replacement. If you were AD, what’s your move and why?

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I never can figure out you guys. You always compare us to certain others. Joy and you both want titles. Joy loves leach he has never even been to a title game. You, do you want a title or 47 td. Young didnt even make big 10 title game.

So lets really let the adults talk.

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I have said it all before. Gundy deserves a lot of credit for where he got the program. But, he is WAY overpriced for 1 conference championship in 17 years. I am sure that we can get someone with more fire, a younger, faster mindset, redesigned schemes. We had WAY too many 3 and outs last year. As we do every year. And Sanders being the pathetic excuse for a QB is reason enough to fire Gundy. Everyone says that Sanders has gotten better, but his stats do not show that. After 3 years he hasn’t changed much at all. He has actually dropped 12 points on his rating, and his completion percentage has been identical (dropped .7 to be exact) over 3 years. That’s not growth. That’s not improvement. That’s not getting better each and every game. That’s stale and average at best. That’s how we have developed him. That’s why he sucks. That’s on Gundy. Period.

We are paying Gundy $7.5 million per year to go to crappy bowls and essentially to NOT win conference titles. I am sure we can get someone decent for $7.5 mil.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I am tired of rooting for a team I know will fail in the end, because that is what Gundy always does. Personally, I would love to have Matt Campbell. At least he knows what a TE is and how to use them. Campbell is at $4 mil per year. I would give him 5 and lock him in long term. We need a new look, and I don’t mean that mullet.

Young didn’t make the Big Ten Title game because he plays for Alabama. lol

And, I also said that I am not saying that we have to have a Bryce Young. But, I am saying that what do we have after 17 years of recruiting isn’t even on the same planet, let alone in the same ballpark.

You know we had the most drops in big 12 and high in the nation. You can argue bad pass all you want, but i know martin dropped beautiful passes. His td redzone went up, not what it should be.

Its still a team sport.

I was kinda high on matt. 2 problems with what you want that matt wount give. He will not play fast as you want. Second he has proved he cant coach crappy. He had his best team every and got to that magical number 7. You guys are always on gundy for a game or two a year. Last Baylor year before texas. Matt droppedthe ball on 6 games. He almost lost his northern iowa game. You talk about gundy and bedlam, matt has zero wins against iowa.

I thought young was at tosu sorry my bad, i dont follow players out side of the big 12 to much.


If you get Campbell in a better recruiting environment with better facilities maybe he could improve on those things. Again, we don’t know. But, I am willing to take the risk. I like his passion and fire. I like that he uses TEs VERY well.

Drops come back to coaching and determining whether or not they should be on the field. Still rolls downhill to Gundy and how they develop the players.

Also, half of the long balls that Sanders TRIED to make typically required the WR to slow down or even stop to make a play on the ball. His arm just isn’t great.

I am just completely jaded with all OSU sports at the moment. Boynton is just a media wh()re and public relations guy. He can’t coach worth anything. Boynton also has a losing record in conference play after 4+ years. The baseball team was primed and ready to win a conference championship and got embarrassed yet again. Then, they didn’t even make it out of their own home regional. Now, we lost 9 KEY players and next year is going to SUCK.

I know what we got with gundy. If we change i want a guy with more osu or and texas ties.

Last year would have seen more te passes, but woods left and logan was basically gone for the season.

We stopped the deep pass since we didnt have a real z guy. The passes i was talking about were goal line passes. Martin had 2 drops with no defender on him.

Now your just making excuses for matt. We all know what better plays and more money gets you, texas is back. The players he had were good to great no matter what there ranking. Isu had the most big 12 players.


And Woods had his best season ever at Virginia and got drafted to the NFL. That should tell you something right there. He was a beast. HUGE. Not great hands, but you can’t improve if you aren’t given the chance. Obviously, he had better hands than Gundy thought because he had a decent season at Virginia after being a full time blocking TE at OSU. He had 5 TDs last year. That’s 25% of what Sanders had all year. You can’t tell me that we couldn’t use those 5 extra TDs. Instead we ran the kid off.


Lets be honest about woods he looks the part and had a wonderful combine. When it comes to catching and blocking he has issues.

With are health issues at receiver and te he would have had a great year. Im yea whats a few more dropped balls for those kind of numbers.

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During my time as a Poke fan, since I was in school there 1974-78, following OSU was mostly saying wait 'til next year. Good years and plenty of bad. Sutton years mostly good. Gary Ward, very good. Otherwise, it was hang on for a wild ride. Big disappointments and tons of excitement.

Don’t take this wrong. I’m not trying to be mean or sarcastic here. You might want to step away for a bit.


Sanders had 2 interceptions against uo and Baylor both that were right in the receivers hands, then it became a tip drill with them intercepting !! So don’t blame a the interceptions on Sanders

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Don’t reply to the idiot… high on something that he keeps trolling the board and actually doesn’t know chit. He knows more about other teams than OSU…… waste of time replying to him

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Neither am I.

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Sorry, but to me that’s wishful thinking. We’re just going to do the same exact thing we did last season. That would be not being created enough on offense and expecting the defense to win us every game.

There is no such thing as a bad student, only bad teachers.