Boone: Five Storylines I'm Watching as Fall Camp Gets Underway for OSU Football

I do know I can stay focused. You have anymore excuses or failed examples for me?

Miles failed at ku and im making excuses.

Miles getting fired twice should have clued you in

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Yea this whole conference championship stat that consistently gets cited is real stale at this point. Fact of the matter is that since 2010 in the B12 it’s been pretty much Oklahoma and then a smattering of everyone else making your argument true for every B12 team except OU. Time to drop this argument and come up with something more relevant.


I don’t know. I would say three conference titles in less than a decade, in a conference with Oklahoma, is actually pretty good. We should probably figure out what exactly Baylor is doing. You only want me to drop it because it hurts to know we could be better than that. Start holding people responsible and stop giving them a free pass just because they’re an alum.

Imagining that phone call…

Coach: Hello?

Weiberg: Hey Mark. This is Chad Weiberg. I’m AD at Oklahoma State. How ya doin’?

Coach: uh, how’d you get this number?

W: How’s retirement going for you? Getting all relaxed and everything? Bored maybe?

Coach: hey, love to talk, but we have friends over out by the pool and my wife…

W: time is so precious, right? Anyway, we’re kind of thinking about replacing our football head coach and someone said you might have had enough time to recharge the ol’ batteries and all…

Coach: where did you say you’re from?

W: Oklahoma State.

Coach: oh, right. Remind me where that is?

W: Stillwater

Coach: Minnesota?

W: Oklahoma.

Coach: oh…

W: any who, how ya feeling? I noticed on your resume you quit all the sudden…

Coach: Resume? I didn’t…

W: …and if you’re feeling better and still remember how to win championships, we’re just reaching out today to offer a free trip down here to talk.

Coach: Does your current coach know you’re looking around?

W: Heavens no! He’d be pretty upset probably. He’s successful and all that, but…not enough championships. But no…we’re keeping this our little secret…it’s all on the down low, you know.

Coach: so you think I’d come out of retirement to a school that goes behind the back of their successful head coach? Not a good way to show you’re trustworthy.

W: I wouldn’t exactly put it that way. Coach Gundy is great and all that, but we want championships. If you remember how to do that whole championship thing, you know. And if you’re recovered from, you know, whatever.

c: look, my wife says I gotta go. …Click…

We have stop giving you free pass to dog players and the program.

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Lol well done hilarious. Cant wait to he joy squirm

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You’re right. I’m sure the AD or retired coach would never talk about an annual salary out of that entire conversation :roll_eyes:.

Doesn’t make me squirm. I’m not stupid enough to believe that’s the way the conversation would go down.

I rest my case you answered both of us.
Why talk money if he says no im getting ready to have dinner.

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Why would the AD not mention any salary or the coach before the phone call ends? Stop being so simple minded.

He is ad not a used car salesman

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I think it would go more like :joy:

Coach: what do you pay?

Weiberg: well we are paying our coach now 7.5 millon a year.

Coach: how long has he been there and how has he done?

W: he’s been here 18 seasons and has won a lot of games and a conference title about 12 years ago.

Coach: you pay 7.5 millon to a guy who won one conference over 10 years ago?

W: yes.

Coach: send the jet, i’ll talk to you.

After call ends. Jet is on the way…

Wife: wow. You played that pretty well, honey.

Coach: thanks. I know we have fifty million plus in the bank, but hey, if these idiots hire me for a couple of years at 8 or 9 mill a year, what the heck? Swiss grad schools for the grandkids that much easier, plus that condo in London.

Wife: right. They fire Gundy and then you just cruise two years. Championships?! Who cares if that happens? They’re so desperate! What are they going to do? Fire you? With severance!

Wine glasses clink…

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Jug you make list that has no relevance to what I asked… WTF !! Your read comprehension needs improvement… your son must have made that list up

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