Bowl Game Thread

What are you guys wanting to see for OSU today?

  • Alamo vs. Utah
  • Camping World vs. ND
  • Texas vs. A&M
  • Texas vs. Mississippi St.

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We must protect the Alamo as Cowboys.


Would be happy with either Alamo or Camping World. I am not optimistic that we will be in either of them, however.

I’m hoping for Texas or Alamo and I don’t care about the opponent. Do y’all really want to go to super-crowded Orlando that time of year or are the voters just going to watch on TV? I really don’t want that one.

You don’t want the Cheez It? :grinning:

I’ll take the Texas because I live in Houston and want to see Glass run for 200+ in front of the hometown crowd.

Not sure I want to be around several thousand annoying Aggies, though.


When do we find out??

@kyleporterCBS what are you hearing for our destination?

Could be any time this week, depending on who accepts, who refuses, etc.

It will be today. By late afternoon at the latest. Now that the ratings are out, the bowls start picking.

Honestly, kind of. But with it so far down the pecking order, no, not really. :slight_smile:

I would love to play Notre Dame. But I am sure the Camping World folks would love to have Texas-ND match-up.
Second choice— Alamo vs. Utah.

People at OSU even sound like it’s still up in the air at the moment. That’s what happens when you have a four-way tie for third. Guessing Texas tho.

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Per Alamo Bowl site, they will receive names of available B12 and P12 teams at 2:15. They will pick teams at 2:30 and the announcement is 4:00? Do we have to wait until 4:00?

We want no part of the Camping World Bowl I’ve been told. I’d say Alamo or Texas Bowl.

Notre Dame/Iowa State in Camping World. What.


I am blown away by that as well. Didn’t see any projections of that.

Then you don’t read PFB. :blush:


Now it’s almost certainly Texas Bowl against A&M or MSU.

It’d be A&M then. MSU is in the Belk Bowl.

Confirmed: Utah-Texas in the Alamo Bowl, so it’ll be OSU/A&M in the Texas Bowl. Kinda gross, not going to lie.

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