Boynton Fed Up with Cowboys' 'Selfish' Play

Your the only one being hypocritical, it’s okay for boynton to be below average but Gundy having a 12-2 season is a bad coaching job .

I didn’t say 12-2 was a bad coaching job. I’m pretty sure I’ve only stated the Iowa State game and Big 12 CCG were bad coaching jobs (which they were). I even said Boynton needs to be better. It’s a lot like how people said Gundy needed to be better in 2014.

Remember how pissed people were with him? 5-6 and on the verge of not making a bowl game? Those very same people were on here (like yourself) saying he needed to get the boot. Thank God Bob Stoops and Tyreek Hill helped save the season. Well……I guess I’ll give Gundy credit for throwing MR in. He finally realized (again) that he was playing the wrong QB most of the season.

Lol whatever you say buddy

You know it’s true.

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What’s true? The fact that every team boynton has coached have all had turnover and scoring issues? Cade Cunningham is the only reason boynton still has a job, I like boynton and if he turns it around I’ll give it up to him, but he’s not been some coaching guru, he made a good play and got the best kid in the nation and that resulted in one ncaa tournament win.

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My only question is, “when are we going to open Del Miller’s playbook?” :joy:

And Jim Knowles and his defense is the only reason Gundy made it to the Big 12 title game without everyone calling for Dunn’s head.

Well boynton might wanna find him a knowles if that’s the case. You do realize if he ends up with a losing record that will be 2 losing seasons in 5 years and one ncaa appearance, idk about you but that’s pretty sad.

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Boynton doesn’t need a Knowles. He needs a Holgerson.

Well whoever he needs to get idc I’m beyond ready to watch consistent and good college basketball again

What is Scott Sutton’s responsibility? Is he just sitting there because of name recognition?

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I think he is actually out of the coaching part at least by title. Boyton brought in a couple of assistant coaches. I doubt they want to kick him to the curb because of his name either.

I will leave the house around 6:30 to be at the bedlam game. 11:00 starts are a little dumb imho. Who set the time? Joey?


You are right Joey, I went back and looked at the video of the loss to Baylor at the big 12 championship game.

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I thought you said you didn’t care about college basketball and that it’s became a joke?

That seems to be the situation. I mean…he did get fired from ORU.

It is a joke that’s why I said I’m ready to see good college basketball.

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Lmao I would be changing my tune after the entire OAN debacle and realizing my coaching career was hanging in the balance. I wonder when he’ll tell the media again about why his players are “snowflakes” like he did in 2018? I imagine not anytime soon. Wouldn’t want to jeopardize that contract extension, right? He’s blamed his players in the past. He’s just not doing it now. He’s treading carefully.

Pretty impressive if you ask me. A coach that’s been doing this for a long time and he’s willing to adapt for the betterment of OSU football.


Can’t teach Joey a new trick but gundy can. I guess Joey is an old dog.