Brandon Garrison, No. 1 Prospect in Oklahoma, Commits to Oklahoma State

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Boynton adds a blue-chipper who can be a difference-maker for 2023.

Great to get a oklahoma kid. That u18 tournament must have paid off. Not sure about 6’9" center didnt. Power forward yes

Good get. Keep them coming.

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Speaking of a Cisse replacement, I would love nothing better than Cisse playing so great this coming season that he becomes a legit NBA prospect.
I wonder how much money Bill Self is going to be offering Garrison to try to lure him away? We need to have a decent season in order to keep this kid’s interest. Is Hideaway going to be putting up a lot of NIL bucks? They shovel out the payola to any player who gets a pizza named after him?
The Varsity Barbershop coughs up a few bucks to any player who they name a buzz cut after? Rumor has it that they approached Gundy to ask if they could call one of their offerings The Gundy Mullet, but his agent demanded too much money for that.
Speaking of Gundy, seeing him wearing those OSU gloves with the badge logo made me concerned that they have not really killed that logo yet. It’s the worse logo ever. After beating Notre Dame, we have an image to keep up.

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Yes worst logo ever!

Looks like a star out of a little kids toy gun and badge toy set.

And that’s…how you recruit! Good job coach boynton.

1 in the state be worth what 6th, 7th place we saw what #1 player got us.


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Who cares about how well he recruits? He doesn’t retain them or win with them when he does.

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Should we give him 17 years? Yea I think we should. Surely he could win a big twelve championship by then. At least 1.

Lol your a funny guy. Gundy’s first 5 years we better each year. 1 game over 500 is not improvement

So how many championships did he get us?

Coach Boynton got us our first turny win ages with that number 1 recruit. But yea it doesn’t matter.

If it lets you sleep at nite. That team should have got to the elite 8. So no i wasnt impressed

Mmmm. I doubt it. Kansas is even more dominant than OU is in football. How about Boynton proves he can finish in the top half of the conference more than (barely) once?

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Well let’s check back in 15 years from now shall we.

You don’t know how long Boynton’s coached?

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You know he is related to joy and jug. Of course he has no idea how long boynton has coached. :rofl::rofl::rofl::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Give the man as long as gundy has has had and then let’s see who gets more trophies. Heck with what we are paying Boynton he’s exceeding just in recruiting alone. He’s doing just fine.