Braylin Presley Blasts OSU's Offensive Scheme, Usage of Backs as He Enters Transfer Portal

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These quotes by Presley have been liked by other players including Ollie Gordon.



Someone might want to start talking to their players.

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Its beens report that we got justin wright lb from tulsa they have him as a for star.


That right there is downright chilling.

Ha ha ha ha! Your coach just got told his offensive scheme that he’s been running for the upteen years sucks!!! He’s :100:! And all you can say is we got a Tulsa LB? Your hilarious. Your a joke man. You must be like 6 years old. Players are leaving because gundy’s game plans suck. But thanks to Roberto’s breaking news here we are fine. Like gundy said “there’s no reason for panic”. :joy:

For star? Lol

It’s time for gundy to pass the baton. Hope he loves this university enough to do the right thing like bob stoops only bob left it in a great place but if gundy left he would leave it in bad bad bad shape but I would take it right now.

And who should we have him pass the baton to? Make sure they can guarantee 17 winning seasons in a row 17 bowl games with a winning record and at least one conference championship. Otherwise . . . not interested, genius.


Some of the best recruiting right now would be to keep the good players we already have. But, I think Braylin is being a cry baby here. He’s a true freshman that is very undersized. Take the year to get yourself in form for D1 ball and be Duece Vaughn in 2023. Don’t act like you’re entitled to play as a true freshman.


@CarsonCunningham Please tell me there’s a podcast coming this week.


What? Ask tcu, ask Baylor! Winning seasons bro mean nothing. Championships the bar has been set and time for gundy to go. Don’t give me who we going to get that can win as much as gundy lol. Lots of mediocre guys like gundy out there. Need to start looking or rot.

Hey tim22 tell me this ok, what is the difference between winning 3 games a year vs 8?

Is he wrong though? Ollie Gordon should’ve played. Dunn should’ve been fired. I love Gundy at the helm and I love Mason. Please, please, fire Dunn. Because that cowboy culture. That only thing you got going for you, It’s crumbling. We’re Oklahoma state football. We play offense. Can you imagine any of the past offenses from what 07-15? Playing alongside Knowles or Mason?

When Braylin played you immediately saw how dynamic he was. And he gets benched. Why? For a RS or (what I believe) less film for opponents to study. We lost 5 games this year. I can live with that, somehow. But today I’m embarrassed as an Oklahoma state fan. As Gundy said, ‘Spencer Sanders is the definition of cowboy culture’ and he’s leaving. As much as I’ve given him crap. He’s played his heart out.

I got this one…5!!


Isn’t it great to be a cowboy fan? You can feel the cowboy Culture oozing out today.

It’s real! No art1,it’s really real. Just listen to coach and don’t panic. “This program is in better shape then it ever has”. Kinda felt like a Biden speech to me when gundy said that you know.

Economy is doing good and the boarder in under control.

Yes this is along the lines of the things that I have been saying, we’ve got true freshman with an entitled attitude, thinking they know whats what when they don’t. Again it’s the inmates running the sanatorium and the portal is making it largely possible. This is not a good thing for College football at large. Also I wonder what HC’s of teams who might potentially offer Braylin think of him dressing down coaches on Social media as he hits the portal?