Brent Venables' Shares his Thoughts on Bedlam: 'I'd Love to Play the Game'

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The politicking on both sides remains fascinating.

Yea well I guess coach Venables is joining in on the OU gaslighting. a s s h a t


What’s the overall sentiment from the fans on here, do you guys think it’s a good thing for OSU that the rivalry is over and we have a chance to move out from under their shadow or do you think it’s a bad thing because of the loss of tradition and national exposure the game brings?

“Gaslighting”!?!?!? Gaslighting, by definiton is "shifting the blame from one to the other. Venables was honest and accurate. Gundy was honest and accurate as well. There was no “gaslightiing” when Venables said hed love to play Bedlam. There is nothing to see here from either fanbase. Absolute nothing burger.


Looking forward to the Sooners sinking further into mediocrity in the SEC. Lots of sub .500 seasons ahead.


I don’t see how this game benefits either program honestly. OU is going to the SEC, and their fans are too stupid to realize you don’t want to schedule a solid opponent non-conference. There’s no need for it based on how much biased there is towards the SEC already. Even though we all know Gundy can’t beat OU. The risk (even though it’s low) still doesn’t make sense.

If you’re on the OSU side of it there isn’t a benefit scheduling OU. We’ve only beaten OU five times in the last 23 seasons. OSU is not a program that’s in a position to have game they can afford to lose. Given Gundy’s history in that game it would be stupid to schedule them anyway (unless they return to the John Blake years). There’s no need to play another BB every season when you already have a couple scheduled in for the future. Just doesn’t make sense with OSU’s current prestige.

I could honestly care less if the two programs play each other again, and if they do then so be it. At least I won’t have to watch Gundy on the sidelines with a blank look on his face like he just $h!t his pants.

“I continue to maintain that the choice Texas made wasn’t a financial one, because we all know what Texas resources are like,” he said. “I think theirs was more about affiliating with a group of schools that, on a given Saturday, they would rather get beat by Alabama than they would Kansas State. Or Florida than Iowa State.”

Big 12 Deputy Commissioner Tim Weiser


Once realignment settles down (for now),I thnk Bedlam will resume in some fashion. It’ll start with the non-football sports since they don’t schedule their non-conference games out decades in advance and there are more non-conference games. This allows for more flexibility. It’ll probably take around 5 years for this to happen.
As for football, fewer non-conference games that are scheduled very far in advance means that it’ll be over a decade before we see a Bedlam football game. It’ll probably be sporadic with a home and home scheduled then takes a few years off.
Do I care if we play OU again? Not really. OU left the Big 12 and OSU for the money and prestige of playing in the SEC. I don’t fault them for that. However, it comes with some consequences. Also, let’s be honest: It’ll be nice to know that when the football schedule comes out, you don’t have an automatic L written in next to a certain team every year.


It also makes the path to winning another conference title and making more NY6 bowls a lot easier as well. Then again I think if OSU suffers severe roster turnover every season it has become another big obstacle in the path of getting there. We’ve got to figure out the NIL stuff and how to keep our rosters together (or bring in good talent from the portal) to be able to sustain that path.


Yep this whole “well we want to play it’s OSU’s fault it can’t happen” implication is gaslighting. And if you think I got the definition for gaslighting wrong then ok it’s horsesh%t as well and probably better descriptor anyway.

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Bedlam can’t die fast enough for me personally. I’m done with it. Never want or need to see it again. In any sport, but especially football, it just needs to die.

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Maybe so. Could happen. But, what makes you feel like that’s going to happen?

Where has anyone from OU, specifically Venables, said “it’s OSU’s fault”?

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Defense is going to have to be better than last years so we’ll see if Venables has made any improvements there. Other than that it’ll just come down to QB play, which is true of almost every other team.

Will I miss the excitement of bedlam? Sure will. Will I miss Gundy soiling his pants on the sideline? Sure won’t. I wouldn’t make any effort to schedule this game until the late 2030s when our P5 slot opens up. All these OU fans saying we have plenty of opportunity to cancel our FCS games and schedule them are dumb as hell. I don’t like FCS beat downs as much as the next guy but I sure as hell don’t want an 11th P5 game every year instead. They left, the game not being played for years is their fault not OSUs. Anyways I’m sure they’ll be dying to put us in a bedlam bowl game anyways. Fck 0u.


I don’t think anyone from OU’s staff has made the claim it’s our fault. I think a majority of the OU fan base has though. I also don’t think a majority of OU fans realize you’re not going to schedule a non-conference game against a solid opponent being in the SEC every season. It’s dumb and with the biased towards the SEC it’s not necessary or needed.

As an OSU fan I don’t think it’s wise to schedule OU every season because it does nothing to increase the prestige of OSU’s program where they currently sit. OSU is a program that’s currently trying to build towards what OU has accomplished over the last 70 years. If OSU can figure out NIL, recruiting, and the transfer portal it’ll do more good for them in a conference where OU and Texas aren’t included.

My only fear is that programs like TCU and Houston are going to figure that out before our administration does. As an OSU fan there’s two things I can look forward to when we don’t play OU any longer:

  1. An 85% chance of losing or greater
  2. Not having to watch Gundy $h!t his pants on the sidelines

Joe Castiglione in 2022: “Oklahoma State has shown no interest to schedule any future games in football, so we’re moving on,”
To be fair, he has since walked that back a bit, but that’s basically blaming OSU.


@jarrod I can understand and you’re correct. That could be perceived by some as blaming OSU. I don’t take it as a shot at OSU. I take it as Joe C telling the truth. But I won’t argue if someone takes it as blaming OSU

I completely agree on what OU needs to do in the immediate future. But, @FreeDrop is talking about a program falling into a nobody. I want to hear what his reasons for that happening are. I’ve said it before & will continue to say it……the OSU fans who think OU is going to fall into being a .500 program are equally as ignorant as the OU fans who think the Sooners are going to go dominate the SEC.

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I disagree that scheduling Bedlam can only hurt OSU. What has more of an impact from an OSU standpoint……a Bedlam win over an SEC blueblood (I know, I know……OU will suck in the SEC & never win another game) or a Bedlam loss? Which of those has more of an impact for OSU football? I think the reward FAR outweighs the risk for OSU football by playing Bedlam.

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