Brock Martin Announces He'll Return to OSU for 2022

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The senior edge rusher will make use of the COVID-19 extended eligibility.

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Hey @joe15 and @ar1 I thought nobody wanted to play for Gundy and he lost the program?


They play for Knowles. Because they know if they play for Knowles he gives them a chance to get a conference championship.

Ahhh lol still salty

You and ol split wound are pathetic :rofl:

I don’t care who they say they’re playing for, good news and I’m happy for it!!


That’s because you get it @ty14 I salute you go pokes!


Lmao there isn’t anything salty about it. Ask anyone around the country why this team is playing for a conference title and OU isn’t.

I thought Gundy came up with a decent game plan offensively in Bedlam. Sorry bro, but it wasn’t our offense out there at the end of the game trying to avoid a Bedlam disaster.

And sorry bro but this is why no one on here respects you, your trash.


For some reason joe only thinks a head coach worried about offense :man_facepalming:


This makes me very very happy. I saw a list of all the seniors and was kind of sad because so many are defensive starters. If we can get half of them back that’s fantastic.

BTW does anyone really take Joe seriously? He’s got an opinion about everything and most the time it’s ridiculous. He’s like a less famous Skip Bayless.


So we have one or two decent offensive game plans this season and I’m suppose to change my mind?

Knowles has done nothing but show you guys consistency this entire season. Even Gundy admitted he leaves that side of the ball alone. So how in the world do you know Martin is coming back for Gundy?

Great news

It takes more than two to have a circle jerk. I’m sure you, Robert, and Michael might know something about that.

How are you this stupid. You think he’d come back IF HE COULDNT STAND THE DUDE WHO RUNS THE PROGRAM


I think he would come back for the coach he spends 95% of his time around lol.

You can say whatever you want it’s been your funeral this year lol you are just like traber🤣


I’m sure your right joe lol just like you have been all season go rub your goat roping buddy off we have a big 12 championship to win

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Because in other countries they don’t have aging hippie liberal douches teaching an agenda and ideology. They actually teach facts and encourage students to freely think for themselves instead of following the crowd. I would happily put any foreign college student up against any American college student any day of the week.

Umm I’d happily put any rural Oklahoma kid up against your Swedish or whatever the hell place your forcing your kid to go to. Don’t worry they’ll be even more liberal and ungodly learning from overseas. Good luck

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