Bryce Thompson Transfer Thread [FOOD Edition]

Talked to a few people at OSU today and learned that Bryce Thompson, a five star guard from Booker T. Washington in Tulsa, is scheduled to make an unofficial visit to OSU this weekend. Don’t believe that’s been reported but I did officially confirm if so.

Will probably write a little on this tomorrow, but wanted to drop that little nugget for the + subscribers. Pretty big news. He visited UNC on an official basis earlier this month as well as Colorado unofficially. Visited Texas the month prior.

Think the vibe around OSU overall is pretty upbeat with regard to Bryce now. UNC has irons in the fire ahead of him, Kansas is facing NCAA sanctions, Arkansas/Colorado considered likely out. Lot of people think it might be OSU, OU, or Michigan State. Big stretch for him on deck in his recruitment and OSU landing a visit is not insignificant.


That is fantastic news. If we can get him with the good guys, that definitely won’t hurt the CC recruitment either.

Great news!
Any others coming to visit as well?

@kyleboone when is early signing period and regular signing period start?

My guess is probably, but Bryce is the headliner (Cade will be at UNC this weekend.) Bryce’s parents are expected to come and maybe his sister.

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Early signing period runs from Nov. 13-Nov. 20, 2019. Regular period is April 15, 2020 through May 20, 2020. For now I would bet on Bryce deciding during (or maybe before) the early period.

Let’s not forget MSU basketball has issues that have been successful at sweping under the rug as well. My hope the dominos fall big time and college basketball is more equitable for all.

My dream: Boynton Twitter Saturday evening post: :eyes:

OK, so a clarification here: This is actually going to be an official visit. Looks like, because he’s already made four official visits, that OSU is going to be his fifth. Per NCAA rules, that would also make it his final allowed official visit.


Boynton talking to his assistants


If he stays in state it will be OSU. He’s not going to OU.

90% sure we get a Bryce commitment.

That is legit even better. We get the last shot at him. I can honestly say I feel much more confident in a Bryce commit than a CC commit at this point.

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Where are the #sources

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I’m a little confused on the official thing for the NCAA — I thought players could take five, but some have said you can take five as a junior and five as a senior. Either way, this will at the very least be one of his last officials (if not the last). Because by my math, he’s actually taken more than five. Kind of semantics really.

I’ve talked to people who feel confident it’s between OSU and OU. I’ve talked to others who feel it’s Michigan State or UNC.

I talked to the Boone twins yesterday, and they said Michigan State … then we talked it out and they said they actually think he stays in-state. If it’s OSU, they don’t know. He’s legitimately undecided at this point. And I think Kansas getting involved with NCAA scandal could change things. But … shoulder shrug


Why did the twins think MSU?

Also that interview with Keylan on the mother blog was awesome. We’ve amped up the hoops coverage this year in preparation of multiple Final Four runs I see.

No definite reason other than it’s Michigan State. Top-10 program, Hall of Fame coach, great college campus. Hard to argue.