Bryce Thompson Transfer Thread [FOOD Edition]

Of note from that, Thompson will visit OU next weekend for his final visit, and he wants to commit to a school next month.

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That was a very pro-KU article.

I saw this as well Marshall. Do you put any stock in it?

Thompson has liked the attention throughout his process, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. With that said, I imagine he knew this would stir some things up.

::Evan Daniels moves his crystal ball to OU from KU::

I think Bryce is nearing Dax-levels of attention seeking. Any tweet with any hint of where he might go is guaranteed to stir things up. Honestly, if I were a recruit, I’d be doing the same thing. It’s good #brandbuilding.

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The attention on social media is just part of “The Process” in this day and age.

Someone give me the #olds take that because he calls for so much attention we don’t want him anyway. Come on do it.

we don’t even want bryce he does too many instagram lives, we don’t need that distraction 'round here

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Confirmed by Evan Daniels that Boynton is there to visit him too. Still putting in the work!

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Sounds like an OSU/KU battle.

::Tulsa World crystal ball changes to OU::

I hope osu bb fires off a twitter post like OU did when he visited osu

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I’m here for it.

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@kyleboone In light of the information regarding Cade in the other thread, where do we stand in the Bryce Thompson sweepstakes? It doesn’t really sound like we have much momentum in that department, but that has mostly been on twitter. It seems like most national people think it is an OU/KU battle. I’d like to imagine that we are in the conversation, but do you have a feel for where we might stand?

Who thinks it’s an OU/KU battle?

I think this is very much a OU/KU battle. If we are being honest as a fan base what has mike Boynton done on the court to prove to these recruits that they will win in Stillwater. It sucks to say that but in all reality it is the truth.